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Career & Scope of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)-List, Jobs, Benefits & Super Tips

Career & Scope of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)in Pakistan & Abroad- List, Job Opportunities, Golden Tips & Benefits 
Post graduate diploma is offered by universities after graduation in any field. Usually students are given admission in post graduate diploma (PGD) related to their subjects in graduation. Generally it is considered that Master degree is much better option than post graduate diploma (PGD), but its not a hard and fast rule at all. As duration of majority of master programs is 2 years, where as duration of PGD is 6 months to 1 year. Post graduate diplomas are designed to fulfill the requirements of job markets. Emphasis is given on practical aspects of a subject rather than on theory.

Career & Scope of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)-List, Jobs-Benefits & Super Tips

Career & Scope of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)-List, Jobs-Benefits & Super Tips

Many universities offer post graduate diploma through distance learning. Its a best option for female and employed person, but you must get admission in a recognized and accredited university for post graduate diploma through distance learning. Week end PGD is also a good option for household females and serving persons. Large number of institutions are offering online PGDs too. Its a risky area so you must select your institution very carefully as online world is full of scams and frauds. Axact scandal shows that majority of online colleges and universities are fake and its very hard to differentiate between a genuine and fake institution for an ordinary student. So try to avoid this option.

Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Super Tips
1-You should try to get PGD in the most demanded field.

2-Always get admission in the field of your interest. Its the basic tips for students of all streams from

3-There is no use of getting PGD from a local unrecognized institute, You must even get professional post graduate diploma from a recognized and accredited institute as it will increase the value of your profile in the eyes of employer. It will also affect your salary.

4-Never get so many diplomas and certificate in entirely different areas. Remember that master of every thing is considered master of none. If you have time then go for 2 years Master degree rather than a post graduate diploma. We are living in an area of specialization, so you must become a specialist of one field. Of-course you can get diplomas and certificates in your related fields.

5-You must go for that post graduate diploma which will open new doors of job opportunities for you.

6-Always chose a most reputed institution for your PGD.

7-It is recommended to get a PGD in a professional field only.

8-Skill development council offers PGD on competency based, Its a recognized body in Pakistan.

List of Most Popular Post Graduate Diplomas (PGD) 
Here is the list of most popular PGDs in Pakistan;
Hotel Management
Islamic Banking
Clinical Psychology
Business Administration
Different Medical Fields
Environmental Design
Different Fields of Law
English Language Teaching
Computer Science
Entrepreneurship & SME Management
Public Administration
Banking & Finance
Different Engineering Fields
Different Subjects of Humanity
This list is not complete as you can get post graduate diploma in almost all fields of studies.
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