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Career & Scope of Psychology in Pakistan & Abroad

Why Study Psychology? 
Psychology is a very useful subject. Arts students often select the subjects in FA and BA even at Master level without any consultation with any career counselor. Psychology is a subject with great scope and career.Psychology has become a science now a days. Its a professional subject which helps you in earning money, helping the people and making a professional career. Females who opt arts subjects must take psychology as an elective  subject in inter, bachelor and Master level. It will help them in earning money from home.

What is Psychology?
Now a days Psychology is helpful in all the fields of life. It does not deals with just patients. You can take the help of a Psychologist for bringing a positive change in your approach towards life and people. He can guide you for overcoming the un natural fears and inferiority complex. Depression/anxiety has become a problem of every individual in modern time. Psychologist can help you in fighting against this fatal disease.

A psychologist can explain even incidents related to Parapsychology. Hypnosis, self hypnosis and telepathy are also studied in Psychology. Psychologists treat the people with counseling, Some times they prescribe medicines too. Homeopathy medicines are very effective in mind diseases. That’s why many psychologist use homeopathic medicines too. That’s why i personally recommend to students of Psychologist to read homeopathy too. It is better to to get diploma in homeopathy. Psychology is a mind science but we also call it behavioral science as it is use to change the mind and behavior of people. Educational institutes hire the services of psychologists for career counseling of students.

Career & Scope of Psychology in Pakistan & Abroad

Career & Scope of Psychology in Pakistan & Abroad

Army and public service commissions also need their service for recruitment purpose. They develop the psychological tests to check aptitude of students and job seekers. Not in our country but in many foreign countries police department use psychiatrists for investigating the criminals. Psychology as a subject has been included in many bachelor and master level professional programs e.g BBA, MBA, BHMS, BEd, MEd, BEMS etc . So you can get job of lecturer not only in general educational institutes but also in professional institutes. Team of any sports can also hire you as after every defeat they need your service for boosting morale.As a writer you can earn million of rupees. Please go to any book shop in your city and ask him about the best seller books.

Majority of best seller books are related to self help topic and who write such books? Please think. You can also write career counseling and psychological advice articles in newspapers and magazines. Organizations and industries organize the lectures of career consultant in their companies and factories. Faiz Sial is a Pakistani career consultant who is earning million of rupees just by delivering lectures. If you Syed Abidi writes column in daily Jang and he has opened his career counseling and study abroad firm too. He also earns a lot. Search these two on internet and think that why you can not do the same. Although private practice is alone enough for handsome income but you can get government and private jobs too specially in hospitals after getting a Master level degree.

Although Psychology is included in humanities but BS and M.Sc degrees are also available in this field. These are one of the best alternative options of MBBS and BDS. It is the field for those whose limit is sky. This field can give yo job satisfaction and handsome income at the same time. You can get job in abroad too. It is recommended to get maximum higher degree in psychology (specially in applied psychology) for better career options.

How To Become a Successful Psychologist?

If you want to become s successful psychologist then take this subject as mission/passion of your life as it will give you mental satisfaction and good earning too. Stay in touch with the latest research.Get degree or diploma in applied Psychology. If you get a job still continue your private practice in evening. Do read homeopathy and Dr Bach’s system of 38 flower remedies.  Try to become a research oriented professional. Become the member of professional organizations. Our team has too hired the services of a Psychologist. Feel free to ask any question about your any psychological problem. Our service is 100% free for specially for students. You may also ask any question about your career.

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