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Career & Scope of Textile Engineering Courses-Jobs, Benefits, Core Topics & Job Nature

Textile Engineering- Jobs, Definition, Courses, Benefits, Core Subjects, Nature of Work, Career & Scope in Pakistan And  Abroad  
Textile engineering is also one of the oldest engineering discipline in the world. Basically its a sub field of material/Industrial  and manufacturing engineering, which deals with the design and production of all kinds of textiles. We are living in the age of brands and fashion that’s why textile engineering and textile designing have great scope in future. Textile engineers are given very handsome salaries. A talented engineer in this filed can earn unlimited money. Majority of them start their own business or industry after getting field experience of few yeas. If you want to start your own business then first get a diploma or degree in marketing.

Career & Scope of Textile Engineering Courses-Jobs, Benefits, Core Topics & Job Nature

Career & Scope of Textile Engineering Courses-Jobs, Benefits, Core Topics & Job Nature

Courses & Degrees
Here is the list of some textile engineering courses with great scope;
B.Sc/B.E Textile Engineering
B.Sc. Polymer Engineering
BS Textile Management & Marketing
Advanced Material Engineering
Bachelor of Textile Design & Technology
Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology
Bachelor of Textile Design
In last three degrees a person with intermediate certificate in any stream of study can get admission. In my personal opinion textile design is a easy subject with better scope than any other course of this field, but at the time of taking decision listen the voice of your heart first.

Reasons To Enter in Textiles Engineering Field-Benefits 
From the dawn of the industrial revolution in 16th century to today’s era of high technology, textile manufacturing has been a leading industry all over the world. This industry contributes about 8.5% to the total gross domestic product (GDP) of Pakistan. It is still providing employment to about 15 million people. Remember that total work force of Pakistan is about 50 million it means this sector is providing employment to the 30% of our workforce. In 2013 Pakistan earned about 14 billion$ through the export of textile products. Still its a fact that students still do not know that how much demand for employment there is in the textile sector. There are many other industries which are using different kinds textile materials, like bio-medical, aerospace, automobile, aeronautical and sports goods. Almost each and every graduate gets more that 5 to 6 offers after completion of his graduation and internship.

Roles and Responsibilities
You will have to perform following roles in the field;
1-Textile engineers provide technical assistance, suggestions and recommendations to their subordinates of different departments like designing, marketing, processing, purchasing, manufacturing and production departments.
2-They perform all kinds of operational duties in textile mills.
3-They try their level best to produce products as per the given specifications as they are responsible to meet the pre-decided specifications in terms of color, quality and durability.
4-They collect data and conduct research on latest market trends and requirements of masses.
5-They develop samples for new productions.
6-They design new products and designs.
7-They amend designs as per the changing marking trends.
8-They evaluate, identify and choose fabrics from suppliers.
9-They maintain the machinery and can even overhaul them.
10-They ensure the quality and durability of the products. .
11–They design and produce/manufacture all kinds of clothes likes dresses, sheets, hosiery, draperies, upholstery, lightweight fibers for airplane wings, heat shields for space shuttles, circuit boards for all kinds of satellites/PCs and special suits for soldiers, astronauts and mountaineers.
12-In short they are deeply involved in textile fields.

Core Topics & Subjects
Students are trained in the fields of spinning, designing, weaving, dying, manufacturing, computer programming, machinery development, quality assurance & environment, electrical machines, marketing and maintenance of textile machinery. Research project and internship are also the part of the program. Here is the list of core topics and subjects of this field.
Introduction to Textiles
Introduction to Computers
Textile Testing & Instruments
Processing at Textile Laboratories
Applied Physics
Compulsory Subjects like Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies & Functional English
Engineering Drawing
Textile Costing
Workshop Practice
Statistics & Probability
Business Communication
Textile Finishing
Environmental Issues & Their Solutions
Principles of Management
Fabric Design
Textile Printing
Fluid Mechanics
Testing & Quality Assurance
Textile Utilities & Services
Yarn Planning & Production
Advance Yarn Manufacturing Studies
Mechanism of Textile Machines
Computer Applications in Textiles
Chemical Processing of Textiles
Marketing Techniques
Weaving & Knitting Calculation
Color Science
Spinning Calculations
Fabric Production
Analogue & Digital Electronics
Fiber Science
Pretreatments in Textile Wet Mechanism
Weaving Preparation & Mechanism
Spinning Preparatory Process
Fabric Formation
Fabric Formation
Textile Engineering Materials
Electrical Engineering
Material Science
Strength of Material
Information Technology in Textile
Design & Structure fabric
Fluid Mechanics
Design & Structure of Fabric
Textile Utilities
Statistical Quality Control
Textile Fiber
Yarn Formation

Career & Scope
Employment Areas
1-Textile Mills
2-Engineering Universities
3-Ready-made Garments Industry
4-Hosiery Mills
5-Research Organizations
6-Scientific and Engineering Journals
7-Bio-medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry
8-High Tech Dresses Manufacturing Industries
8-Poly technical Institutes
9-Space Research Centers
10-Automobile Industry

Job Types
1-Medical Textiles Engineer
3-Process Engineer
4-Operations Trainee
6-Quality Control Officer
7-Shift In charge
8-Process Improvement Engineer
10-Technical Sales In-charge
11-Production Supervisor
12-Corporate Manager

This business/industry is on rise in Pakistan and abroad. Pakistan is producing best quality textiles. We need lot of quality human resource in this field to increase our exports. We highly recommend our readers to think about this option very seriously. Duration of majority of courses in this field is just four years. National Textile University Faisalabad is the best recommended university of this field in Pakistan. .

Presently due to energy crisis this industry is facing many difficulties. But hopefully Pakistan will overcome its energy crisis within couple of years. This temporary recession period will end very soon Our companies are the trend setter and market leaders in the world. I am seeing rapid growth in sector in near future. Hopefully you will certainly take this option seriously. Visit and its facebook page daily for reading guiding and career counseling articles on best engineering disciplines. We also try to reply each and every query of our readers in spite of lack of time. So take as your own online career counselor.