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Career & Scope of Top 10 Business Administration & Management Degrees

Career And Scope of Top Ten Business Administration And Management Degrees in Pakistan & Abroad
If you have interest in Business administration or management and still you are not sure that which degree is perfect for you then you are at the right page of best educational website i.e On this page we shall suggest you top 10 degrees for business administration and management studies.

Career & Scope of Top 10 Business Administration & Management Degrees

Career & Scope of Top 10 Business Administration & Management Degrees

1-BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
If you are committed to enter in business administration field as an entrepreneur or business manager than get admission in BBA after intermediate or A-Level. BBA is a four years degree which will equips you with all necessary required business techniques and enables you to get MBA degree in just one year. Even after BBA you can get reasonable job or start your on business.

2-MBA (Master of Business Administration)
M.B.A is the most popular degree in the world. We have written a detailed career counseling based article on Master of Business Administration. You must read it for comprehensive guidance. Chose your area of specialization very carefully. You need to prefer your area of interest in the selection of your field of specialization in Master of Business Administration,

3-MBA Finance
Finance is the best area of specialization for students of business administration. After getting MBA degree in this field, you can get job in many areas.

4-MBA Accounting or Accounting & Finance
If you are good in accounting then go for MBA accounting or accounting and finance. This degree will help you in finding a job of senior accountant or auditor.

5-MBA Human Resource Management
Human resource officers are given administrative and managerial posts. They need to be expert in verbal/written communication, rules and by laws of their concern field. No a days no company, organization or industry can survive without hiring the HRM experts. Just like MBA Finance, MBA HRM can also get job in any firm or department.

6-MBA Banking And Finance
Banks have become most important component of economy of any country. Now a days every one is diverting towards Islamic banking. Rate of growth of Islamic banks is much faster than general commercial banks. If you are interested in banking career then MBA Banking/Banking & Finance/Islamic Banking are best options for you.

7-MBA Supply Chain Management
Its a best field for those who want to join any industry. Supply chain management is an art too and has written a detailed article on career and scope this field. Read this guiding article for proper guidance.

8-Hotel Management
Tourism and Hotel Management is one of the booming career in 21st century. M.B.A Hotel Management is a comprehensive degree for those who want to join hotel industry.

9-MBA Marketing
Marketing is a field for extrovert persons who have great convincing powers. Its a field for those students who think that sky is the limit for them. MBA marketing can just provide you with latest techniques of sales and marketing but it can not change your nature so if you need a desk job and have no high dreams in life then avoid this option.

10-Executive MBA
If you are a employed person and you want to accelerate your rate of career growth then get admission in Executive MBA. Its a degree for those who have high dreams in life. You can get an executive MBA degree through distance learning universities too. Many universities offer weekend classes and online learning facility too. After the Axact scandal we will not recommend you to go for the option of MBA online.

MPA is not a business administration or management degree in a real sense still it is very closely associated with these two fields. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about this degree then read our article on MPA for A to guidance. If you want to join academia or interested in research then go for options of MPhil and PhD after M.B.A. Stay in touch with the best educational website of the world i.e We are sure that you will also love to visit our facebook page too. We assure you that your queries will be responded in minimum possible time.