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Career & Scope of Veterinary Medicine, Intro, Programs, Job Description & Skills Required

Veterinary Medicine, Introduction, Degrees,Courses, Job Nature, Jobs, Abilities Required, Career & Scope in Pakistan 
Veterinary medicine is a very important field specially in an agricultural country like Pakistan. Many kinds of diploma, certificate and degree level programs are available in the field of veterinary medicine. DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) is the best and most demanded undergraduate program in veterinary medicine. DVM is also one of the best alternatives of MBBS and BDS in Pakistan.

Career & Scope of Veterinary Medicine, Intro, Programs, Job Description & Skills Required

Career & Scope of Veterinary Medicine, Intro, Programs, Job Description & Skills Required

What is Veterinary Medicine?
Veterinary medicine is basically a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosing, treating, preventing and curing the all kinds of diseases in animals including birds.Veterinary medicine is a wide subject which includes surgery, scientific breeding and general health care.

Popular Programs in The Field of Veterinary Medicine
1-DVM (5 Years Comprehensive Program)
2-B.S. (Hons.) Poultry Science (4 Years)
3-B.S. (Hons.) Dairy Technology (4 Years)
7-Veterinary Technologist (3 years)
8-Livestock Assistant Diploma Course (2 years)
9-Poultry Assistant Diploma (2 years)
10-AI Technician (30 days)
11-Livestock Advanced Management Course
12-BS in many related fields of Veterinary Medicine
Note-Always get admission in course or instituted recognized by Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC).

Job Specification
Veterinary medicine is very much similar with human medicine, that’s why nature of veterinary doctor also resembles with the MBBS doctor.
1-Vet Doctors take care of animal health in animal hospitals, clinics, wildlife parks, zoos, cattle, poultry, dairy, livestock and fish farms.

2-Provide the vaccination facility to pets, livestock domesticated and wild animals/birds.

3-Guide the farmers and animal handlers in different farms about the animals and birds behavior, feeding and breeding.

4-They do research on animal diseases in labs and universities. Clinical proving is also a method of research.

5-Diagnose the diseases in animals and prescribe medicine for them.

6-In case of any injury or fracture to animals, vet doctors treat the wounds and set the fracture by performing required surgery.

7-Some of them have to work out door in zoos, wildlife parks, national parks, race clubs and animal farms of different kind.

8-There is no concept of separate dentists, pharmacists, diagnostician and surgeon especially orthopedic surgeon for animals in the field of veterinary science, so general veterinarians have to perform multi kinds of duties in their practical life.

9-Generally in underdeveloped country they have to work under unsanitary conditions for the treatment of animals.

10-The help the scientists, microbiologists, pharmacists, biochemists, biotechnologist and human doctors by sharing the results of their experiences with them during their practice and experiments.

11-MS/MPhil or PhD degree holder veterinarians prefer to join academia or research institutes. They also write research articles in scientific journals.

Career & Scope of Veterinary Medicine
Employment Areas
Government’s animal husbandry departments
Poultry and bird farms
Dairy farms
National, Safari parks & zoos
Sheep farms
Zoological parks
Rabbit farms
Race clubs & army stables
Public animal hospitals & dispensaries
Private veterinary hospitals & clinics
Cattle farm
Public health and research departments
Fish farm
Dairy farms
Livestock farms
Diagnosis labs
Research institutes
Mounted regiments of Pakistan Army & Rangers (RV&FC) (Here vet doctors treat and take care of horses, mules, donkeys, camels and dogs).
Milk & meat/beef/poultry processing plants.
Forest, agriculture and livestock departments
Private business
Veterinary Medical Store
NGO related to animal right
Government fisheries department
National parks
Wildlife sanctuaries
Veterinarians earn lot of money through their private practice.
Pharmaceutical companies

Believe me that even livestock assistant diploma holders are earning lot of money in Pakistan as we don’t have highly qualified veterinarian in the required number. There is not chance of failure of a talented veterinarian in his career. Talented veterinarian can migrate to any developed country too very easily,which is not recommended. Just get immigration and then come back to Pakistan to serve your homeland.

Required Abilities in The  Field of Veterinary Medicine
You must have interest in animals and bird.
You must also have interest in medicine field.
You must not have any kind of complex about the field of veterinary medicine.
Only a hard worker student can excel in this field as veterinary medicine is much difficult field than any other field of medicine.
Excellent diagnostic, judgment,observation and analytical skills are also required.
You will have to remain in touch with the latest development in the field of veterinary medicine throughout your life as still we need to discover treatment of many diseases of animals. You should also have a research minded approach. Do the research on local methods of treatments.
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