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Chemical Engineering Introduction, Jobs, Scope, Career, Entry Routes & Tips

Chemical Engineering Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career, Tips, Entry Routes, Nature of Work & Required SkillsĀ 

One & Only Super Tip
My Chemistry teacher was running a chemical factory in Lahore. He was just a MSc Chemistry. I was surprised that how a MSc Chemistry is doing a job of chemical engineer. One day asked him this question. His answer is the key to success for all students. He said “Dear Inorganic Chemistry is my passion. I never studied chemistry as a subject, i always think about its practical implications, you should either study a subject of your interest or try to take deep interest in your selected subject for making it your passion”.

Although i have got BSc degree in science, BA, MSc in Pakistan Studies, LLB, DIT and homeopathy diploma still how it is possible that a single person can challenge the all educational websites of Pakistan. I am doing it alone due to advice of my Chemistry teacher, who has now also launched his paint company too. Blogging is my passion and 99% articles of and our new online testing website are written by me. i have collected more than 10000 books in my personal library. In our each article we try to give you essence of our reading and research. Studysolutions has already become a trend setter educational website in Pakistan and Inshaa Allah our new educational website will break all the records of Pakistani and international online testing websites.

Chemical Engineering Introduction, Jobs, Scope, Career, Entry Routes & Tips

Chemical Engineering Introduction, Jobs, Scope, Career, Entry Routes & Tips

You guys can also earn unlimited money as an chemical engineer. Its a very wide field where you can even become an industrialist with very limited resources. Just try take deep interest in your field of studies and never get admission in any course due to its so-called scope only. You have scope only in the field of your natural talent and interest. You can do wonders in the field of your natural talent and interest. Here you will not will have to work even for an hour in your whole career.

Chemical Engineering Definition
In chemical engineering we apply the techniques and rules of chemistry to industrial processes and production. Its all about the production and manufacture of different kinds of chemicals and chemical products. Chemical engineering has close relation with following fields.
Mining Engineering
Chemical Technology
Material Engineering

Chemical Engineering Jobs, Career & Scope
Here is the list of some most popular employment areas for you.
Chemical Plants
Fertilizer Plants
Pulp and Paper Plants
Cosmetic Field
Electronics and Aircraft Field
Steel & Aluminum Production Plants
Pesticides and Herbicides Industry
Rubber Industry
Paints and Dyes Plants
Atomic Power Plants
Petrochemical Plants
Caustic Soda Production Plants
Scientific and Chemical Engineering Journals
Vocational Training Institutions
lubricants Industry
Mineral Based Industries
Arms Industry
Textile Industry
Photographic Equipment Manufacturing Plants
Food Processing Plants
Pharmaceutical Industry
Synthetic Fiber Plants
Research Firms
Public & Private Explosives Manufacturing Factories
Petroleum Refineries
Glass Industry
Power Generation
Chemical Bases Industries
Engineering Universities and Colleges
Synthetic Colors Plants
Plastic Industry
Environmental protection Department
Solid Waste Management
Industries Related to Biotechnology. Food Technology and Materials

Nature of Work
Chemical engineers are most versatile engineers who can work and do research in various fields.
1-They develop chemical processes and techniques to convert the raw material in to useful chemicals or raw chemicals into useful products likes paints, synthetic fiber fertilizers, glass ,plastic etc.

2-They operate and maintain old chemical plants.

3-Era of specialization has gone and now in practical field there is no difference between chemical engineering and chemical technology. Lot of chemical engineers are working in the field of chemical technology. You must be prepare yourself for working in any atmosphere and technology related industry.

4-They design new chemical plants to increase the production capacity.

5-They work as troubleshooter in chemical industries.

6- They do research in labs for inventing new useful chemicals.

Entry Routes
As i mentioned in the start of this article that passion is the most required thing in this field you may enter in this field through, DAE, B.Tech, BE and even through BS/M.Sc Chemistry. Recommended entry route in BE. A management degree like MBA will help you a lot in your career. You may get the job of supervisor or manager. We will recommend you to get your MBA degree in Marketing as it help you a lot in launching your own business after getting some field experience. Simple MBA will not be able to compete a person related to industry. We will no recommend you to join any foreign chemical weapons manufacturing company as Pakistan is not in favor of such dangerous weapons,

Who Should Join This Field?
1-Those who have interest in chemicals.
2-A person who want to become an entrepreneur.
3-Chemistry lovers.
4-Researcher with innovative mindset
5-Those who want to excel in life.
6-Those love to accept challenges in life.

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