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Civil Draftsman Course in Pakistan, Career & Scope, Jobs, Pay, Tips, Benefits & Duration

Potential of Civil Draftsmen in Pakistan, Career & Scope Civil Draughtsman Course in Pakistan, Qualities Needed, Duties, Eligibility Requirements, Job Areas & Job Types
In today’s highly competitive job market, there is an increasing demand for professionals with specialized skills & knowledge. One such profession that has been gaining recognition over the past few decades is that of a Civil Draftsman. A Civil Draftsman or Civil Draughtsman is a professional who specializes in preparing detailed drawings & plans of civil engineering projects such as roads, bridges, dams, buildings etc. This type of work requires strong technical expertise & dedication to ensure accuracy & precision in all aspects. As a result, it has become increasingly important for young people in Pakistan to enter in this career path if they wish to succeed professionally.



Civil Draftsman Course in Pakistan, Career & Scope, Jobs, Pay, Tips, Benefits & Duration

Civil Draftsman Course in Pakistan, Career & Scope, Jobs, Pay, Tips, Benefits & Duration


In this career counseling post of we shall discuss in detail about career & scope of Civil Draftsman course in Pakistan. Civil draftsmen are trained professionals who use drafting techniques to design & prepare drawings of structures, machines & other objects. They are also responsible for the documentation & recording of the dimensions, materials & environment of a project.



Civil Draftsman Course in Pakistan

In Pakistan civil draftsman coure has become necessary in recent times due to the growth in the infrastructure, housing & engineering-related industries. The course covers engineering designing & drafting theory, materials, structures, surveying, mapping & other related topics. Furthermore, it also highlights the development of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software & applications used by civil draftsman.



Scope of Civil Draftsman Course in Pakistan

The scope of this field is wide-reaching; from designing infrastructure projects like highways to devising efficient water supply networks, a well-qualified civil draftsman plays an integral role in ensuring these projects are completed on time & within budget constraints. Moreover, as construction technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace – with developments like 3D printing making their way into the industry – there will be even more opportunities available for professionals who possess the relevant skill set required by employers. Thus far, however, not enough attention has been given towards nurturing the talent pool needed for such roles here in Pakistan – something which needs to be remedied immediately if we want our nation’s infrastructure sector to reach its full potential.



Introduction of Civil Draftsman

A civil draftsman is a person who uses drafting techniques to prepare technical drawings of projects. They are also responsible for documentation of projects & they must be familiar with construction methods as well. They also need to be able to use various drawing & computer-aided design (CAD) software programs to create their drawings & models. They should also have a good understanding of mathematics & science in order to accurately interpret measurements & other information on a project.



Role of a Civil Draughtsman

A civil draughtsman creates the necessary drawings for engineering & construction projects. They are responsible for completing detailed drawings of all aspects of the project. This includes, but is not limited to, the structural components, electrical components, interior design elements & other elements. A civil draftsman also documents measurements & descriptions of any features or objects in the project. They must be able to interpret the plans & specifications of the project accurately in order to ensure that everything is correctly drawn.



Tips For Those Who Want to Get Admission in Civil Draftsman Course in Pakistan

Those interested in pursuing this career should consider enrolling themselves into one of many reputable educational institutions offering courses related specifically to civil drafting or engineering design technology (EDT). Such courses provide students with both theoretical & practical training on topics ranging from AutoCAD designing software usage right through to project management principles. Furthermore certain companies may also offer internships wherein students can gain hands-on experience while working alongside experienced engineers – thus giving them much needed exposure before entering into the workforce proper upon graduation.



Benefits of Civil Draftsman Course

Duration of civil draftsmen courses in Pakistan is one and 2 years. Short courses of 6 months are also available. Almost all technical and IT colleges of Pakistan are offering civil draughtsman course in Pakistan. Civil draftsman course is a best short route for getting job in Pakistan and Arab countries. You just need to polish your skills through internship or AutoCAD practice for getting quality job in Pakistan and abroad.



Qualities Needed in a Civil Draftsman

The most important skill required to become a civil draftsman is attention to details. A person must have a good eye for details & he should be able to interpret plans accurately. Soft skills such as strong communication, problem-solving & collaboration are also important. A civil draughtsman must also have expertise with various drafting technologies like AutoCAD & other CAD software programs. Additionally, they should have a basic understanding of mathand other related sciences in order to interpret measurements on a project.



Eligibility Requirements For The Civil Draftsman Course in Pakistan

In order to become a civil draftsman, you must have passed SSC exam with science subjects. Your expertise in mathematics should be excellent.



Demand of Civil Draftsmen in The Job Market

The job demand for civil draftsmen in local and international job market is positive. The demand for experienced professionals in the field is expected to remain strong as infrastructure, housing and CPEC projects increase. Furthermore, the advancement of technology will lead to an increase in the demand for civil draftsmen with experience in computer-aided design (CAD) software & applications.



Expected Salary of Civil Draughtsman in Pakistan


The average salary range for civil draughtsmen can vary depending on experience and location. In the Pakistan, the average salary range is around 35,000 to 45,000 PKR per month. The salary range can be higher or lower depending on the employer.



Civil Draftsman Jobs Areas in Pakistan

Most civil draftsmen are employed by engineering, manufacturing & construction companies. Other industries that hire civil draftsmen include housing schemes, CPEC projects, oil & gas, HVAC & nuclear power. Construction industry is on boom in UAE and Saudi Arabia that’s why large number of civil draughtsmen get jobs in these countries too.



Civil Draughtsman Job Types

Typical job types for civil draftsmen include, but are not limited to, drafter, design technologist, engineering technologist, civil CAD technician, engineering CAD designer & AutoCAD operator.



Common Job Duties for Civil Draftsmen

Preparing detailed drawings of engineering projects, interpreting plans & specifications, coordinating with other technical personnel & working with AutoCAD software & applications are some of the common job duties of civil draftsman. They must also interpret measurements, ensure that drawings are accurate, and assist in the development of construction plans for a project.



Final Words

Overall then it’s clear that there exists vast potential within this field – especially considering how vital civil draftsmen are when it comes developing large scale infrastructure projects here at home or abroad! With quality education options now being made available throughout Pakistan those wishing pursue careers as civil draftsmen have no excuse not make most out what’s on offer!


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