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Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools-CGFNS Exam

Career Counseling About CGFNS Exam- Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
Are you looking for complete and in-detail career guidance on CGFNS, here you are! If have completed your nursing studies and you want to start your professional life in US then to sit in this CGFNS exam test is compulsory for you. Check all details on CGFNS. Here we have all guidance and details for our readers.

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools CGFNS
This CGFNS is a Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. It is designed and created for graduated nurses. If you wish to serve in US and you are from Pakistan then on the first basis, you should pass this CGFNS exam with distinctive marks. This is a certification program. This program will give you a certificate so that one can call you a registered nurse.


Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools-CGFNS Exam

Which Areas Are Measured By CGFNS Certification Program?
All clinical and practical areas linked with nursing field are measured and assessed by this CGFNS certification program. Whether you have specialized in adult area, child care area, infant nursing area, maternal care area, mental health nursing care area- on the basis of these specialized area, any candidate will be given a score. This program is based and established on a universal structure. This single one certified program can clearly define what do we mean by a registered nurse.

CGFNS Test Questions Type
Candidates will be asked to attempt multiple-choice items. Note that standard in form questions will come. You can have statement based MCQs or these multiple choice questions in picture of graphical, image form shall come as well.

Details on Examination Fees
If a graduating nurse is a submitting a new application then fee is US$ 295.00. If any graduating nurse is re-applying for this certification program then fee is US$ 250.00.

Important Requirements Set For CGFNS Certification Program
Properly filled CGFNS application form should be submitted by applicants. You should also send a Nursing Education Form right to your nursing school where you will be getting your diploma/degree so that they can send and all dispatch your transcripts just directly to CGFNS. You should too be preparing a Validation of Registration form or be it a Validation License form. Do send and dispatch 3 signed pictures of yourself. You have to enclose up your application fee right in U.S. dollars. Your fee and registration payment should be drawn on a U.S. bank. You should send international money order or you can even send certified bank check right away payable to “CGFNS“.

Earnings of a Registered Nurse in US
In US, you can only work up to and about 40 hours. This requirement is made on a per week basis. Per hour salary and earning of a registered nurse in US is from between US$ 16.00 to US$ 25.00.
Stay tuned and more details on Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools will be shared with all graduated nurses. Get in touch with Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools so that they can guide you more properly about this certified nursing program. DHA, MOH and HAAD exams details are also available on