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Comparison Between Marketing & Finance Fields in Urdu and English

Marketing Vs Finance -Career Counseling Guide in Urdu and English
Here is the comparison for you which is made between these finance and marketing field lines, you will know about the various job options which are part of both of these career lines. The list is endless and there is no doubt that these finance and marketing fields scope is getting higher.

Marketing Job Options
Below you can check out the marketing job options and see that how this field line is different from the finance field line:

Marketing Manager
The job of the marketing manager is to manage of all of their company marketing activities, they have to lead and manage heir marketing department. They need to make the marketing strategies for their company and they need to be co-ordinating all sorts of marketing campaigns.

Sales Representative
If you are working on this post then you will be generating leads and you need to exceed all of the sales goals as set by your company. You will be negotiating all of the contracts with the prospective clients and you will make weekly as well as monthly reports for the sales section.

Market Research Analyst
It is their duty to collect data which is about consumers, competitors, they need to collect the data about the market place as well. They have to understand the business objectives and they will be designing surveys so that prospective customers can be grabbed.

Communication Specialist
These specialists have to draft and they also have to send press releases to print and to broadcast media outlets.

Digital Marketing Specialist
So these professionals, they have to do the planning of these digital marketing campaigns. They have to maintain their brand social media presence on all of the digital channels.

Finance Job Options
Now below we have listed down for you the finance job options:

These professionals have to prepare and make asset, liability as well as capital account entries. They make up the financial transactions and give recommendations in the case of financial actions.

Business Analyst
These business analysts have to develop and come up with technical solutions so that business problems can be solved.

Budget Analyst
These budget analysts have to work with the project managers and also with the program managers so that the budget of their company can be made on time. They have to monitor and keep a check on this organizational spending as well.

Financial Controller
He is mainly responsible to keep a check that all of the accounting allocations has been appropriately made and too documented. You have to carry out the cash management functions and you also have to oversee accounts payable tasks. The other functions which are part of your job, they are that you will be handling accounts receivable and cash disbursements functions and the tasks related to payroll and too bank reconciliation functioning. Read our following articles too on finance and marketing fields.

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Comparison Between Marketing & Finance Fields in Urdu and English

Comparison Between Marketing & Finance Fields in Urdu and English