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Concordia University Chicago Admission 2024, Scholarships

Concordia University Chicago CUC USA Admission 2024 & Scholarships

This Concordia University Chicago has opened their latest admission 2024 phase for foreign students. This university comes with 150 years of experience. It has achieved wide spread amount of recognition and fame in less time. High standard of teaching is always delivered by this university. It is te policy of this Concordia University Chicago to combine and fuse traditional mode of academics and innovative mode of academics. It was in year of 1864 that this institute was created right as a college for teachers.


Currently this university offers undergraduate studies as well as graduate studies. Wide number of disciplines and degree programs are offered by this subjected university ranging and starting from arts, science to business management. For the information, this university is an American private and Lutheran liberal arts university. It is in Illinois which is about 10 miles at the west side of Chicago. It has over and about one thousand undergraduates students and three thousand graduating students enrolled in it.



Colleges of Concordia University Chicago (CUC)

The College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business
College of Graduate and Innovative Programs.



Degree Programs of Concordia University Chicago (CUC)
The biggest and largest academic program of this university is education. Rest of its business and communication degree program, music and theology degree program, all are well recognized as well. Paul Manz who is a famous composer and organist, professor of music, he was the former student of this university. Rest one we have Carl Schalk who is too a professor of music and Jim Platt who is a basketball coach- they were the former students of this subjected university.



Accelerated Degree Programs Offered by Concordia University Chicago (CUC USA)
These degree programs are only offered online. They are easily accessible by all students. You can do your bachelor of arts in organizational management by linking yourself with this degree program. Bachelor of arts in healthcare management is also offered online.



Accounting Degree Program
As we know that accounting is a language of business and this is what students are made to learn in this program. This university produce number-crunchers and critical thinkers. These accounting graduates become ethical business leaders in their professional lives.



Animation Degree Program
It is true that animation technology is widely getting improved. This world demand more and more talented animators. Many of the skilled animators are produced by this university as well. This university and their animation degree program gives you an opportunity to expand up your portfolio in the world of traditional animation and 3D animation as well as in multimedia technology.



Business Communication Degree Program
This business communication degree is all about learning and getting to know that how can you coordinate, integrate and fuse all of your marketing communication tools.



Criminal Justice Degree Program
Students can opt this criminal justice program if they are getting admission 2024 in Concordia University Chicago. You will get an interdisciplinary learning experience through this program. Both theory and practice are incorporated in this program. Details about Asia Pacific University APU Malaysia admission 2024 are also available on our website.


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Concordia University Chicago Admission 2024, Scholarships

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