Consumer Courts KPK – Application Procedure & Helpline Numbers

How to File a Complaint in KPK Consumer Court? Helpline Numbers & Step by Step Procedure
Consumer rights have now become the part of basic human rights. In our country majority of consumer are not aware about their rights. Unfortunately even no legislation was present in this regard. There were no solution available for consumers for getting their rights through proper channel. But now revolutionary government of KPK has introduced the concept of consumers courts. Although Punjab government has now also introduced launched consumer courts, but the procedural method of KPK consumer court is much easier than the Punjab. Consumers courts have been established in all divisions of the KPK. In fact its a great public friendly initiative by KPK government. It seems that KPK is really changing now.

Application Procedure for Consumer Complaints 
In case of violation of consumer’s right, he/she may write his complaint on simple paper. Application with proofs can be submitted in District Consumer Court or District Assistant Director for Consumer rights. You do not need to hire a lawyer for filing your complaint in KPK consumer court.

When a Person Can File a Complaint in KPK Consumer Court?
If shop keeper is not issuing proper receipt on purchase of any item
If any shopkeeper has not exhibited price list issued by relevant authority.
If date of manufacturing, expiry or ingredient of a products are not mentioned.
In case of sale of substandard products
In case of sale of out dated products
In case of non acceptance of guarantee or warranty
In case of misleading claims in newspaper ads or leaflets
If a shop keeper is over charging
If some one is offering poor services.
KPK government has also provided helpline numbers to complain against those shop keepers who are earning undue profits. This step will reduce inflation in KPK. Helpline numbers have been given below in the newspaper ad cutting.


Consumer Courts KPK – Application Procedure & Helpline Numbers

Consumer Courts KPK - Application Procedure & Helpline Numbers

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