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Convert Your PC or Laptop Screen into Touch Screen

How To Convert a Laptop or PC into Touch Screen-Details in Urdu & English  
If you like touch screen laptop or PC , but you have non-touch laptop or PC, then we have a good news for you, that now you can change your old laptop or PC screen into touch screen device. Now many companies have also introduced touch screen laptops. These touchscreen laptops are very costly and out the reach from middle class buyers. Now even a student can change his ordinary non-touch laptop or PC into a touchscreen. You will have to buy a new device for this purpose. This magical device is available in just 49 dollars. You may change any desktop computer or laptop non-touchscreen into touch screen through this device. 

A Swedish company (Neonode) has invented a unique airbar device to add touch to non-touch PCs and laptops. Its a plug and touch bar which can make you happy. It will connect with the display of machine with a magnetic power.This airbar uses the light for connecting with your PC or laptop. No additional software is required for using this device but this device can be used with the laptops of 15.6 inches only. Windows 7,8 and 9 support it. This airbar will be launched in American city Las Vegas in January, 2016.Visit us daily for latest technology alerts. You can read the details about this latest technology news in Urdu language below this page.    

Convert Your PC or Laptop Screen into Touch screen     

Convert Your PC or Laptop Screen into Touchscreen