Career Counseling About Cost Accounting & Management Accounting-Urdu Guide

Career Counseling Article About Cost Accounting & Management Accounting Fields in Urdu Language
Cost Accounting & Management Accounting field has great scope in developing countries like Pakistan which are on the way of industrialization. More than 50 percent of Pakistani economy is not documented. It is expected that lot of industries will be set up under CPEC in different economic and industrial zones. Cost Accounting & Management Accounting is an integral part of industries of all kinds. It is the department which separate income and expenditures and calculates the profit or loss. It also informs us that in which areas we can decrease the expenditures for increasing the profit ratio.

Experts of Cost Accounting & Management Accounting performs the following duties.
Administration controlling of the organization
Future Economic Planning
Preparing The Budget
Policy Making For Prices of Products & Services
Book and Accounts Keeping
Analysis of Company’s Performance
Preparing Profit & Loss Statement
Internal Audit of Accounts
Keep Watch on Cash Amount
Prepare The Financial Accounts of Share Holders of The Company
Take Part in Financial and Adminstrative Decisions
Predicts the Financial of Organization
Give Financial Advices

Due to expanding scope of Cost Accounting & Management Accounting lot of students are now diverting towards this field. Finding a job is not a big deal for graduates of this field. They just need to have full command over basics of their field. Experienced persons are given more importance so first try to get practical experience in the field then search for the right job for you.

Cost and Management accountants get jobs in industries, commercial organizations, banks and in all public or private sector organizations. Hard work in the earlier phase of career will secure your whole future in this field.

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Career Counseling About Cost Accounting & Management Accounting-Urdu Guide


Career Counseling About Cost Accounting & Management Accounting-Urdu Guide

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