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Council of Islamic Ideology Jobs 2024, Complete List, Apply Online

Islami Nazriati Council Jobs 2024 in Pakistan, All Newspaper Advertisements, Online Application
Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan is an independent constitutional body which gives its opinion about existing and upcoming laws, that whether they are as per the Quran or Sunnah or not. This body is working on different Islamic research projects too. Generally it hires the staff through departmental tests and interviews. Admin HR deals with all recruitment proceedings. This page will provide you all the information about latest Council of Islamic Ideology jobs 2024 in Pakistan. You will be able to view all the latest newspaper ads about Islami Nazriati Council jobs 2024 in Pakistan on this page. We shall also provide you the facility to apply online.



Different Types of CII Jobs 2024

The Council of Islamic Ideology offers a diverse range of job positions, each with its unique responsibilities & qualifications. Researchers are at the forefront of the Council’s work , conducting in-depth studies & research on various aspects of Islam. They possess a strong understanding of Islamic jurisprudence & are able to provide valuable insights to the Council.


Policy analysts play an important role in evaluating existing policies & their impact on Islamic ideology. They possess a combination of analytical skills & a deep understanding of Islamic principles by allowing them to make informed recommendations to the Council. Legal experts within the CII ensure the compatibility of laws with Islamic principles, advising the Council on legal matters.


Administrative staff although not directly involved in research or policy analysis, play a vital role in supporting the Council’s operations. They handle administrative tasks, facilitate communication & ensure the smooth functioning of the Council. Their organizational skills and attention to detail are essential for the efficient operation of the Council.



Council of Islamic Ideology Jobs 2024, Complete List, Apply Online


Council of Islamic Ideology Jobs 2024, Complete List, Apply Online

Duties and Responsibilities

CII jobs encompass a wide range of responsibilities that revolve around conducting research, drafting reports, analyzing policies & providing recommendations on matters relating to Islam. Researchers within the Council are responsible for delving deep into various aspects of Islamic ideology & jurisprudence. They analyze existing laws & policies to ensure their alignment with Islamic principles, while also proposing new legislation where necessary.


Policy analysts play a vital role in studying societal trends & evaluating their impact on Islamic ideology. They provide valuable insights to the Council 4 enabling informed decision-making on matters of national importance. Legal experts within the CII are responsible for examining existing laws, identifying any discrepancies or conflicts with Islamic principles & offering guidance on how to rectify them.


Administrative staff play an essential role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Council. They provide support to the researchers, policy analysts & legal experts by ensuring that the administrative tasks are handled efficiently. This includes managing documents, scheduling meetings, coordinating communication & facilitating the overall workflow of the Council.



Points to Be Remember About Islami Nazriati Council Jobs 2024

Different kinds of Council of Islamic Ideology jobs are announced by human resource management department of Islami Nazriati Council Pakistan like research investigator, assistant private secretary, translator, steno-typist, DMO, researcher, driver etc. Candidates have to send postal order of announced amount along with their application form. Candidates do not need to attach the educational documents and experience certificate along with the application form. If you are in government service then too you can apply through proper channel. NOC will be checked at the time of interview.



Terms & Conditions For Council of Islamic Ideology Jobs 2024

Relaxation in upper age limit is also possible as per the government rules. No TA/DA will be given to the candidate of any post. Remember that just shortlisted candidates will be called for written test and interview. Local candidates are preferred for posts of lower grades. Both permanent and temporary Islami Nazriati Council Jobs 2024 are announced by Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan. On the online form first of all you will select the post. Then you will upload your image and postal order. Picture of postal order should be visible. You will also be asked to provide postal order number.



Benefits of Working for the Council of Islamic Ideology

When considering a career with the Council of Islamic Ideology, 1 cannot overlook the numerous benefits & perks that come with it. 1st & foremost, job security is an attractive aspect of working for a govt institution like the CII. In an era of economic uncertainty having a stable job is essential for peace of mind. Additionally the CII offers competitive pay packages ensure that employees are well-compensated for their dedication & commitment.


Working for the CII provides ample opportunities for personal & professional growth. By being part of an organization dedicated to upholding Islamic principles, individuals can find fulfillment in their work & contribute to the betterment of society. The Council encourages its employees to continuously learn & expand their knowledge of Islam, providing a stimulating environment for intellectual growth.



Final Words

In the last you will write your name, father name, date of birth, age on closing date, CNIC, mobile number, email address, postal address, permanent address and your domicile province on the online application form. Through the link given below you may reach on the official portal of Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan for viewing the full list of Islami Nazriati Council jobs 2024 in Pakistan. For queries about these jobs 2024 call Admin HR at phone number 051-9205652.


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