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Creative Visualization & Self Hypnotism Techniques For Becoming a Superman

Self Help – Learn How To Become a Superman Through The Techniques of Creative Visualization & Self Hypnotism
Its a fact that any one of you can become a superman. Superman can do anything and just like superman you can also do anything in your life. No goal is unaccessible for you. Almighty Allah has blessed us with more powers than superman. You guys are sons of millenniums. Today we shall introduce you in detail about your hidden powers through which you can become superman. Creative visualization and self hypnotism techniques can change your whole life.

Self Help

Creative Visualization & Self Hypnotism Techniques For Becoming a Superman

Creative Visualization
Creative visualization is the best self help technique for programming your subconscious mind. Its a reality that your subconscious mind has great powers it can create and do any thing for you. You can train you subconscious mind through creative visualization technique. Creative visualization is the most scientific psychological technique in the world. Your subconscious mind can do and create every thing for you, which you will show it consistently with full confidence. If you will visualize daily that you have become a millionaire then nobody can stop you in getting this goal.

You may also change our bad habits through this technique. You just need to visualize yourself twice in the day on the position where you want to reach at least for ten minutes. Your subconscious mind will take this as a reality and will create it for you. Here one thing is very important that you must have believe on your dreams and power of your subconscious mind. Creative visualization is not a theory now as large number of psychologists and psychiatrists have witnessed the miracles of this techniques in their clinical practice. Now many books on creative visualization are also available in Urdu in Pakistan, Sufi Qamar Iqbal has written majority of books on creative visualization .

Self Hypnotism
Hypnotism is a prove reality but self hypnotism is a bigger reality than simple hypnotism. Through self hypnotism you may hypnotize ourself. You just need to give auto suggestions to your subconscious mind about any thing. Within few days our subconscious will believe on your given self suggestions and it will make a ground for your wish. Émile Coué was the inventor of self hypnotism techniques. His books are also available in Urdu now. Emile Coue used to say that every one should repeat these words daily for many times, “Every Day in Every Way I’m Getting Better & Better”. It is a general suggested auto suggestion for everyone. You may change it too as per your immediate need.

On the basis of my 20 years experience in the field of human psychology, i have made some amendments in his method. First of all you must add the words By the grace of Almighty Allah before your any wish. Secondly, you must repeat your wish is present perfect tense. For example you can say, ” By the grace of Almighty Allah i have become a rich person”. A patient can say. ” By the grace of Almighty Allah i have recovered from my disease”. In the same way you can give auto suggestions to your sub conscious mind about your any desire in life. Again i want to clear it that you must have full belief on blessings of Almighty Allah and his given powers to human beings.

If you will repeat any self suggestion with the doubt in mind then the result will be zero. Remember that faith can break the mountains too. I have entered the power of faith on Almighty Allah in the self hypnotism technique of Emile Coue. Can you explain that why Tariq bin Ziad burnt his ships in Spain and how small Muslim armies used to defeat super powers of their times. Dear brothers these were the miracles of faith. Remember that the combination of faith, self hypnotism and creative visualization can make you a superman. You just need to give auto suggestions to your subconscious mind in a calm atmosphere just for 10 minutes twice in day, once in early in the morning and once before going to bed.

Last but not least try to understand the impact of out put and input theory in your lives. We have explained this theory in our many articles of self help category. In short nothing is free in this universe, you can get any thing in life by paying its price, if you want to get every thing in life then try to give maximum voluntary out put to others. You may give your voluntary out put through your free services and help of needy people. Soon we shall write a detailed guiding articles separately on creative visualization, self hypnotism and input/output theory. We always try to suggest our visitors to visit and read our unique articles in our self help category on creative visualization & self hypnotism. This category can bring lot of positive changes in your life. Kindly like FB page of too for reading tips on self hypnotism and creative visualization.