Current Affairs-Why Hillary Clinton Will 100% Become The Next President of USA?

International Current Affairs – Why Hillary Clinton Will Surely Become The Next President of United States of America?
Its our prediction that Hillary Clinton will become the next president of USA easily. We have very strong reasons in favor of our prediction. Hillary Clinton has a charismatic personality, which attracts every one. Even Obama who was his competitor in inter party election appointed her as Secretary of State due to her extraordinary abilities. Her performance as Secretary of State of USA was also remarkable. She proved that she is not only a successful politician but also a stateswoman.

Current Affairs - Why Hillary Clinton Will 100% Become The Next President of USA?

International Current Affairs Review About Coming American Presidential Election

In fact she is the most popular woman of the world after lady Diana. American people love change that’s why they elected Obama in last two elections. Now Hillary Clinton is a symbol of change. She will be the trend setter in American history and politics if she becomes the first female president of USA in upcoming election. Democratic party has no candidate, who can compete Hillary Clinton. Even Republicans will have to face many difficulties in nominating their candidate against Hillary Clinton. Jeb Bush is considered the only person who can compete Hillary Clinton in next presidential election of USA. Jeb Bush is the younger brother(George W. Bush) and son (George H. W. Bush) of two former American presidents. His family is the third popular political family after Kennedy and Clinton families. Peace lovers will not support him still if both of these will be nominated by their parties then it will be tough competition.

Current Affairs - Why Hillary Clinton Will 100% Become The Next President of USA?

Jeb Bush

Current Affairs – Why Hillary Clinton Will 100% Become The Next President of USA?

Bill Clinton who is still the most popular figure in USA is husband of Hillary Clinton. His popularity in American public is another plus point for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has an experience of working with international leaders. She will have also the support of her husband. How American public can forget the loyalty of Hillary Clinton with her husband during the peak days of her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. She proved herself a great wife. This type of loyalty is not common in any Western country.

Hillary Clinton is also a best selling writer in USA. Her book hard choices reflects her inner talent. Her tract record is also excellent as a politician. Females and youth will surely vote for her. She is a so undisputed politician of America that i am unable to understand that who will vote against her and why. She has started her presidential election campaign much before the other candidates. It is also a plus point for her.

Ok now come to general human behavior, Obama defeated her in inter party election as he belong to the most deprived community of the American society. Now after blacks no American woman has become the president of USA. We hope that American people will now support Hillary Clinton to set a new tradition for future. Only Sarah Palin can compete her as female but she is neither more experienced nor more glamorous than Hillary. Her husband was the most successful President of USA after John F. Kennedy and she is the most successful Secretary of state of America, then how any body else can become the next president of USA. In fact it is near to impossible.

Who can forget her vital role in the war against terror. Her husband was the most undisputed President of USA and she was the most undisputed Secretary of State of America. Muslims and specially Pakistani community will surely support her as she and her husband are considered most unbiased persons in USA as far as Indo Pak relations are concerned. That’s why i am 100% sure that Hillary Clinton will become the next President of USA. You have right to disagree with me, share us your arguments and point of view. Visit us daily for reading articles on international current affairs.


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