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Current Affairs-Future of European Union-2nd Fall of Roman Empire?

Current Affairs-Fall Of European Union (EU)-End of Globalization?
I want to share just few points about future of European Union after results of referendum UK. European Union is in fact an artificial alliance. There is not a single joining power between different countries of EU. Languages, culture, thoughts, history and even religious beliefs of these countries differ from each other. Western people have left the religion and now just financial interest was a a joining force between different countries of Europe. European Union could become a sole super in the world, but its foundations were very weak.

After UK, now France, Germany, Holland, Denmark and Austria are also thinking to get rid of this fake alliance. These are financially stable countries of Europe. It is expected that soon these countries will also leave EU. Economy of Spain, Italy and Greece are going to collapse. Now EU is standing on just 2 pillars i.e Germany and France. These 2 pillars alone can not bear the financial Current Affairs-Future of European Union-2nd Fall of Roman Empire?demands of all EU countries. Internal pressure of these countries will force them to conduct a referendum just like the UK and believe me the result will be the same.

Donald Trump has welcome the decision of UK’s people, but he does not know that its just start of game. Soon different states of USA will also demand independence from United States. Euro and pound will lost their position in global currency market. Dollar will become stable for a very limited time. Russia will be able to regain its lost position in the global power politics. China was facing difficulty in compiling with EU terms and conditions for trade, but now it will be easier for it to deal European countries individually.
Now we are going to enter in a new era, a new world order by China is going to be announced soon. In this new world order USA will have to strive to save its unity. Russia and China will be the next super powers and Pakistan will be their supporters. Now there is a big question mark before the future of NATO too. Many European counties will now again look towards Russia. There a new security pact like Warsaw pact is also possible in Europe in future. All these changes will occur gradually.

After the separation of just 2 or 3 counties EU will become an organization like SAARC. USA was taking Euro and EU as its opponents. Now the battle will be between USA and alliance of China and Russia. India has joined USA but European countries will not support USA in its adventures. Game is changing in global politics. End of rule of dollar is also very near. UK will be a alliance of USA in future, but countries of Eastern Europe will have to suffer a lot in near future due to regional economical recession. China will come forward to help them to fill the gap of EU. USA will soon repent on its role in the fall of EU, as there is no joining force among the states of America too. Rich states of U.S.A are not ready to support the weak states.

United Kingdom, Australia and Canada will also fall in near future as a trend is setting now in Western counties. West need a binding force, which could be the religion only, but majority of people here even do not have belief in God. EU was a new form of great Roman Empire, but its is going to fall soon. Globalization will be second victim of these global changes. Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) can replace the EU in the near future. Its right time for Muslim countries to rebuild OIC for getting their share in the world power game. Visit studysolutions,pk daily for reading latest reviews on current affairs in Urdu and English.

Current Affairs-Future of European Union-2nd Fall of Roman Empire?