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Current Affairs – Is Modi Going To Become Gorbachev of India

International Current Affairs – Is Narendra Modi Going To Become Gorbachev of India
If you have interest in current affairs then now you are at right website as we regularly publish articles on international current affairs. Today in our current affairs section we shall discuss that why Narendra Modi is going to become Gorbachev of India. USSR remained the second super power of the world till the regime of Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev who became the cause of fall of USSR in 1991 just due to his unbalanced policies. Now Narendra Modi is going to become the Gorbachev of India. Narendra Modi has destroyed the only factor of unity in India i.e secularism. Narendra Modi is a man with no vision, he is interested in taking selfies, which shows that he is chronic patient of inferiority complex. He is not interested at all in solving the internal problems of India.

His plans for Kashmir have also failed as BJP could not win the elections in Kashmir and now Kashmiri people are raising the flags of Pakistan in all cities of Indian occupied Kashmir. In fact its the best strategy of Kashmiri leaders to bring the Kashmir issue in lime light. No Hindu worship arms but Narendra Modi has worshiped guns. Its not hard to guess that why he did this. In fact he is a mentally sick person who thinks that by worshiping guns he can get some kind of edge on his rivals. Basically Narendra Modi is a product of Hindu fundamentalist organization RSS. RSS has not accepted the creation of Pakistan and striving to crush Pakistan.This organization is even ready to start an atomic war in Indian subcontinent. Narendra Modi has promised RSS that he will destroy Pakistan within his current term.


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Current Affairs – Is Modi Going To Become Gorbachev of India

He is spending full day with army and air force troops. He thinks that out of 60000 Pakistani troops 150000 are busy in war against terror while 10000 are busy in internal operations and Pakistan can deploy maximum 3 lac to 3.5 lac troops on Indian border. India has about 1.8 million troops and it can deploy at least 1.2 million troops on our border for war against Pakistan. But here he has forgotten that Pakistan is too an atomic power and we can not afford to lose Lahore or Sialkot. Our missile and atomic power is much better than India.

China has invested billion of rupees in Pakistan. Can China even think to lose the support of its front line state. Morale of Pakistan Army is very high as it has defeated the TTP in FATA. Pakistan army is the first army of the world which has defeated the gorilla warriors. Our army has got the experience of battle training. Now our soldiers are more than ready to crush India. No army of the world is more battle trained than Pak Army. Indian army has better equipment and number but we are battle trained and ready to face any challenge at our Eastern boarder. Indian Naval chief had to resigned due to many accidents. Over seven lac troops had failed to control to freedom struggle in Kashmir. RAW has failed to destabilize Pakistan. Pak China economic corridor is going to become a reality and i assure you that it will not only an economic corridor as now onward Pakistan and China are going to become unannounced military allies too.
As per Mr Syed Zaid Hamid next two years are decisive in subcontinent. Pakistani nation should be ready for Gazwa tul hind. India has become the biggest buyer of arms in the world. USA has admitted India as an atomic power. USA has signed a civil nuclear treaty with India which is not civil at all as India will use it to enhance it military nuclear ability but the end result of all these conspiracies will be zero. I have no doubt in mind that Narendra Modi is going to become the Gorbachev of India. Narendra Modi is not a statesman like Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He is even not ready to start a cricket diplomacy between India and Pakistan.

Although he want to add his name in the great leaders of the world but his vision is so narrow that he can never become even a regional leader. Nawaz Sharif is considered as the ambassador of in South Asia but Modi has failed to work for peace even with him. Now the time is coming when Narendra Modi will become the cause of fall of India. He is really the Gorbachev of India, yet we pray that he may revise his polices towards Pakistan and internal freedom movements. Pakistan want peaceful relations with India and India should resolve the Kashmir issue as per the desire of people of valley. Modi should concentrate on its internal matters and  try to play the part of big brother. Visit our current affairs category daily for reading articles on local and international current affairs.