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Current Affairs – One & Only Just Solution of Kashmir Issue

International Current Affairs – Best & Just Political Solution of Kashmir Issue
Today we shall discuss the present burning current affairs issue of Asia, which has become a nuclear flash point in the world. If UNO and world powers wants to avoid the third world war then they will have to solve the Kashmir issue as early as possible. Alas no one is interested in this burning current affairs issue. Kashmir issue is a bone of contention between Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India. More than 70% people of this region are Muslims. Raja of this sate Hari Singh was a Hindu. India captured the JunaGadh and Hyderabad States as the majority of people of these two states were Hindus. Rulers of both these states were not willing to merge their states in India. Even the Raja of JunaGadh state announced that he want to make its part of Pakistan and Pakistan accepted his request. Whereas Hyderabad state was willing to become an independent country. Still India captured both these states after so called brutal police actions. India captured all these three states on different opponent principles.

Current Affairs - One & Only Just Solution of Kashmir Issue

Current Affairs – One & Only Just Solution of Kashmir Issue

Brave Kashmiri and Pakistani tribal people fought against Indian occupied forces and when they were near to capture Sri Nagar, India contacted to UNO for the resolution of Kashmir Issue. UN security council passed three resolutions for free and fair plebiscite in Kashmir for deciding the fate of Kashmir. Initially India accepted these resolutions of UNO but later on she refused to conduct plebiscite under the UNO.

Pakistan and Hindustan have three wars on Kashmir issue i.e 1948, 1965 and 1971. One limited war was fought in 1999 in Kargil. India won just one war due to internal political crisis in 1971. In 1998 both these countries became atomic power. Now there is no chance of conventional war between them. Kashmiri struggle movement for independence is still continue. Kashmiri people raised the slogans for slogans in favor of Pakistan even on the independence day of Hindustan. On the other hand extremist Hindu party has BJP has won the last general election.

Moodi (The butcher of Gujrat & representative of RSS) has become the Prime Minister of Hindustan. He is not ready to initiate the composite dialogue between two neighboring countries. Hindustan is a violating the peace fire on line of control and working boundary again and again. Do you think that Pakistan who fight three wars against Hindustan on Kashmir issue with three times greater power will remain silent now after becoming first Muslim atomic powers. Its is 100% impossible. Muslims of first ever Islamic state are always ready to sacrifice their lives for Kashmir issue. Moodi can do noting against us. A new war between both these countries will remove the Indo Pak Sub Continent from the map of the world. Now under the rule of mutual coexistence we have one and only solution of Kashmir issue i.e free and fair plebiscite.

If Kashmiri people decide to become the part of Pakistan then Hindustan should accept it and if the decide to become the part of India then we should respect their decision. There is no any second or third solution at all. Only very very limited number of Kashmiri people are in favor of a independent Kashmiri state. Read our following current affairs articles too for further knowledge on Kashmir issue and its intensity.

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