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Current Affairs – Rising Russia & End of Uni Polar World

Current Affairs – How Russian Can Become A Super Power Again?
After the fall of USSR in 1991 our world had turned into a uni polar world but now it seems that Russia is rising again. Russia has learnt many lessons from History. Russian President Vladimir Putin has not forgotten the era Russian dominance on the world. He is striving to rise the Russia again. Russia is working on China, Russia and Pakistan axis. This alliance will become a game changer element in the world politics. Russia is not happy at all with increasing Indo USA ties.

On the other hand President Vladimir Putin has realized that China has got the access to Arabian sea with the cooperation of Pakistan. USA is not ready to deploy its troops in any conflict area of the world. Even Saudi Arabia is looking towards Pakistan for its defence. There has created a vacuum of strong military power in the world specially in Middle East for peace keeping. Russia, Pakistan and China can fill this vacuum. Russia has also recognized the importance of geo-strategical position of Pakistan. Now Russian government is willing to improve its relations with Pakistan. Kindly read the statement of Russian ambassador in Pakistan in Urdu below this post.


Current Affairs- Rising Russia & End of Uni Polar World

He said that Russia has the capability to resolve all the crisis of Pakistan. Pakistan India, China, Iran and Russia should set a joint agenda for progress. Russian wants to help us in all fields because is following the strategy of China but still Russian ambassador included the name of India in his proposed list of future allies. Here Russia is on the fault, India should be excluded from this list and Saudi Arabia should be included. Some people have also reservations on Iran. In Ukraine and Syria, Russian has defeated his opponents not only in UNO but also on ground.

Russia also want to connect with economic corridor between China and Pakistan.Although Russia has not yet expressed its desire but its my prediction that soon you will listen news about it form official sources. Russia has an old desire to have an access to warm waters. Economic corridor between China and Pakistan has awakened this desire of Russian government, That’s why Russian Ambassador is offering cooperation to Pakistan in all fields. But Pakistan can not normalize relations with India with the peaceful resolution of Kashmir Issue. Here Russia should use its influence on India.

Only Pakistan can resolve the tension between Russian government and Arab countries. If you want to follow the Chinese strategy for having access to warm water then you will also have to follow its foreign policy towards Pakistan. Still we are living in a uni polar world, if any one want to change it into multi polar world then there is need of conflicts resolution on the principles of justice. We can not accept Russian aid unless the resolution of Kashmir issue. Pakistan is the strange country on the map of world which believe on friendship rather than short term relations on the basis of mutual interests.

Pakistan is rising and if any one want to take benefit from our geo strategical situation then realize our importance from the core of your heart. Indian army can not play any role outside the country due to 11 freedom movements in its different provinces. Only Pakistan has the best Army in the world, which can play a vital role maintaining peace in Asia. In spite of growing Pak China ties USA is providing us military equipment as USA administration has realized the importance of Pakistan. Now its Russian turn to accept the ground reality.

If really Russia want to rule the world again. We have also predicted that Pakistan will become the permanent member of UNSC (United Nations Security Council). Russia should support us in this regard for showing its sincerity. This will make us permanent ally of Russia and axis of Pak, China & Russian axis will be able to make our world multi polar. If you have interest in current affairs, international politics and foreign affairs or you want to appear in any competitive exam then visit us daily for reading articles  on these issues in our current affairs category.