Current Affairs – Role of Pakistan In Yemen Crisis

International Current Affairs – What Should Be Role of Pakistan In Yemen Crisis? In Urdu & English 
Yemen crisis is a hot current affair issue now a days and everyone is talking about that what should be the role of Pakistan in Yemen crisis. Students of history knows that Pakistan has good relations with both with Iran and Saudi Arabia but unfortunately both these countries are fighting proxy wars in Yemen. Iran has helped us a lot in 1965 and 1971 Indo Pak wars but after the Islamic revolution Iran preferred India on Pakistan while Saudi Arabia always helped us in our crisis times.

Can any Pakistan forget the help of Saudi Arabia after the atomic experiments of Pakistan in 1998, when the whole world imposed sanctions on Pakistan. In that crisis time only Saudi Arabia helped us by providing free crude oil. On papers both these countries are our friends but Saudi Arabia had an edge on Iran. But being a Muslim state we should try to play the role of arbitrator first. If rebels of Yemen try to attack on Saudi Arabia then we must warn their godfathers that Pakistani Muslims are ready to sacrifice any thing for the protection of their holy places

Shia community is also a part of Muslim nation but no Muslim sect has right to impose its beliefs on others. We Muslims should learn the rule of mutual coexistence. Pakistan should offer Saudi Arabia to recruit our retired soldiers in its army but its a short term solution. For long term solution Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen and Oman should establish their army recruitment and training centers in Pakistan under the supervision of Pak Army. Pakistan army has capability to train large number of soldiers as per international standard.

Current Affairs - Role of Pakistan In Yemen Crisis

Current Affairs – Role of Pakistan In Yemen Crisis

Pakistan is facing many internal and external crisis and it is not possible for us to provide our army for other countries for a long period. There is another solution also that these Muslim countries should sign a defence treaty with Pakistan and should bear the expenditure of certain amount of soldiers. In this case Pakistan will recruit more soldiers in its army and will provide them security umbrella. Pakistan can also send its officers to train the army of Muslim countries, But Muslim countries should also think about our problems, they should pay our internal and external debts for showing their sincerity with us. We can suggest more term and conditions for such treaty. But Pakistan should never agree to fight against Iran which is too our brotherly state.

At present when USA is not helping Saudi Arabia we should send our troops immediately to Saudi Arabia to solve Yemen crisis. OIC should also play the role of NATO or Warsaw pact. Proxy wars should not be allowed among Muslim countries. Arab countries and Iran should solve their differences peacefully. OIC should play its role against sectarianism. Being Muslim our first loyalty should be with our religion Islam and holy places, I am ready to sacrifice my life for this noble cause, what is your opinion. Last but not least we Pakistanis are love Islam madly, so talk with us in good tone. We rely on Almighty Allah for all our affairs, so do not black mail us or try to threaten us. Pakistan should also ensure Iran that we will never let her alone against any foreign attack. Sanctity of Iranian and Saudi Arabian boundaries are equally important for us. We can never support American or Israeli attacks on Iran.

Brotherly Appeal To Iran
Please for God sake try to improve the living standard of your people and preach Islam in West. Please, please please end your proxy war against Saudi Arabia. Its a holy place for all Muslims. We can fight against any one to protect our holy places. Kindly end the proxy war against Arab Muslims to solve Yemen crises. Play the leadership role in Yemen crisis.

Brotherly Appeal To Saudi Arabia
Please, come out of sectarianism, shia Muslim are not non believers, try to give them due respect. Saudi King should visit Iran being the custodian of holy Muslim places.

We pray to Almighty Allah to keep us united against the powers of evil. Visit and its facebook page regularly to read the current affairs articles on Yemen crisis. You can read the details about current affairs issue of Yemen crisis in Urdu below this post.

Current Affairs - Role of Pakistan In Yemen Crisis




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