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Current Affairs-Super Power of 21st Century USA, China or..?

International Current Affairs – Who Will Be The Next Super Power of 21st Century USA, China or …?
If you like to read articles on current affairs then fortunately now you are at the right spot. There is a perception in people of the world that China has become the ruler of the world and the only super power of the world. Its just a perception not a reality as still USA is much ahead of China in science and technology. China is capturing the world markets but still it lacks many things which are required for ruling the world. China is much behind from USA in space technology, defense equipments and modern technology. Chinese people do not enjoy civil liberties and democracy, which are required for  research culture. American universities are still hub of latest research and scientific knowledge.

China will have to leave the its strategy of copy cat. It should give emphasis on research culture in its universities. The day when the international students will prefer Chinese universities on American universities will be the D day for China. Still China is using Russian technology in its military equipments.  Discovery of shell gas reserves has also helped USA. Now USA does not depend upon Middle East for fulfilling its energy needs. These reserves will be enough for America for many decades.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs-Super Power of 21st Century USA, China or..?

We are living in the era of internet and IT and all major IT companies are USA based. China is also not emphasizing on promoting its culture and language, There is no threat to English language at all. It has become a global language. Global media is also in the control of USA. Muslims as a nation are not satisfied with the polices of both countries but they think that USA is a bigger threat for them. But what we will get by changing the master. Muslim world should should bring reforms in their societies to become the next super power. Otherwise if USA rules the world or China, we will remain the slave.

Muslims claim that they have crushed the second super power of world i.e USSR but what we got from fall of Moscow. Just the change of master. World become unipolar and now the current situation is ideal for them as the world is becoming bipolar again. During this conflicts between USA and China Muslim countries  should emphasize on their progress in science and technology. Neither USA is our enemy nor China but our own rulers.  If we want to become the real super power than we must eliminate the extremist elements from our society and should patronize the science and technology. Otherwise USA will remain the super power in 21st century too. We must not not take any country as our rival as being Muslim its our duty to preach Islam to all nations of the world.

World needs peace and that nation will rule the world which will play its role for making our planet a happy place to live on. World conflicts like Palestine, Kashmir, Cyprus should be resolved. Dr Zakir Naik is propagating peace in the world he has proved that Islam is the religion of peace. China and USA should also perform their role for conflict resolution in the world.  No nation should try to rule the world. Mutual coexistence should be our first priority. UNO should play an active role in this regard. Lets works together for peace and harmony on our planet.  We must admit that only the Almighty Allah is the super power.  Visit your website daily for reading articles on international current affairs.