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Its our first current affairs review for students of competitive exams such as CSS, PMS and PCS. Inshallah in future we will continue to write articles on current affairs. Russia has captured on Karimia which was Russians majority area of Ukraine. In fact Russia is trying to regain its lost position of second super power of the world. Putin is becoming new Hitler and whole world including USA is afraid of President Putin and USA has established a special cell which will monitor the Putin’s activities and try to forecast the future plans of Putin. Majority of European countries depends on Russia for their energy needs and they buy Russian natural gas.

Europe is a cold continent and present European generation has become so delicate that they can not even think to live without centrally heated systems in their houses and offices. Four European countries totally depends on Russia for their energy need while 12 European countries fulfill the half of their energy needs with Russian gas. All these countries are afraid due to Ukraine crises and they don’t have any alternative of Russian gas and if Russia will block the gas supply to these European countries a new human tragedy may occur in Europe. Putin knows this weak point of European countries that’s why he is implementing his doctrine of multi-polar world.

He did not allow USA to attack Syria and now its seems that Russia will capture more territory of Ukraine. A new cold war has begun and the our world is not a unipolar world now. Baltic Russian states are also feeling threat from Russia. Putin is ex communist and it seems that he is a nationalist too that’s why he is trying to make his country a super power again. Remember that Russia has the largest number of atomic bombs. Putin is trying to impose Russian world order and he also penetrating in Afghanistan again by providing arms to Afghanistan. Putin has proved himself an iron man who is not afraid of third world war. Rest of the world is behaving like Chamberlain while here is the need of Churchill. World community has failed to resolve the Syrian and Ukraine crises.

Burning Questions About Current Affairs-Ukraine Crises and Third World War

Nato has indulged its self in Afghanistan and Iraq and Putin has taken the advantage of this situation. Now when Nato has become weak Russia has challenged the whole Western world. Is a new war in Europe will begin? Can third world war may happen? Is the cold war has started?Is Obama has proved his self the weakest American president? Will Putin prove to be a new Hitler or Stalin? Will Warsa pact be revived? Can USSR become a reality again? Will Communism will take new birth? Is capitalism is dying? These are the questions which everyone is asking but we will have to wait for some time to have the clear picture of global politics.

Global scenario is changing dramatically and there are chances of clash between Europe and Russia. This will be very drastic for whole world. There is a need of powerful United Nations to minimize the chances of clash among the super powers and other countries. Unjustified attitude of United Nations and so called super powers have make the earth unsafe place for humanity to live on. If we want to make our world a safer place then the world community and UNO will have to solve the all disputes of smaller nations like Kashmir dispute and structure of UNO will also have to be changed.   Visit our website and face book page regularly for latest reviews about current affairs.

Note-We stand with peace and victim.

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