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Some of our visitors asked us who are the Boko Haram of Nigeria. Today we shall give you some information about Boko Haram in this current affairs article. We are also including a Urdu column of Amir hasim of Daily Dunya about Boko Haram with special thanks to Daily Dunya.

Boko Haram is a militant extremist group in Nigeria who claim to be Muslim. Muhammad Yousuf was the founder of Boko Haram. According to this organization democracy, vote, elections, jeans, television and modern education are the symbol of Western civilization and forbidden (Haram) for all Muslims. They believe to impose their ideology with force on all other Muslim. Boko harams have kidnapped 300 college girls and according to their leader Abu Bakar they have sold these innocent college girls. He claimed in a  video message that Allah is the owner of these girls and he has sold 300 kidnapped girls on the order of Almighty Allah(Astigfirullah). This brutal act of Boko Haram has shaken the whole world.

Boko Haram Don’t Represent Islam

The extremist fundamentalist Muslims who were favoring the Boko Haram on the social media sites are not only silent now but a organization which has connection with Alqaida has written on their website” May Allah show the right Path to Boko haram”. UNO is considering to take strict action against this organization. In fact this organization has embarrassed the the whole Ummah. Nigerian government should take steps to save the innocent kidnapped college girls.

No true Muslim can even think to favor such brutal a act. Islam is the religion of peace, which has given respectable place to women in the society. But such elements are defaming Islam and Muslims. Some element are still insisting that Boko Haram are just reacting against the anti- Muslim policies of Nigerian government which is under the influence of Christian minority but i think that no excuse is acceptable for such brutal acts as Islam preaches to show patience at such situations and wait for the help of Allah. Muslim scholars should also condemn such elements and OIC should interfere to combat Bokoharams in spite of UNO as it is the matter of repute of beloved religion. You can read the details about Boko Haram in Urdu below this post. Stay in touch with your own website and its face book page  for latest articles and Urdu columns  about current affairs.

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