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Current Affairs – Will Scotland Leave The United Kingdom

Current Affairs-Will United Kingdom Become Scattered Kingdom

Today in our current affairs article we shall discuss the hot issue of upcoming referendum in Scotland. United Kingdom is consists of four major regions i.e England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Scotland joined the United Kingdom about 307 years ago. There is going to held a referendum on 18 September 2014 in Scotland on the issue that whether Scotland should remain the part of United Kingdom or it should become a separate country. Nationalists are very hopeful that people will vote in favor of Independent Scotland. If the majority of Scottish people will vote in favor of independence then a new country will appear on the map of world i.e Scotland. Historically England and Scotland are traditional rivals. You people must have read the poem Try, try again in school about wars between both two countries.

Nationalist groups has launched a massive campaign in favor of independent Scotland. There campaign is known as “Yes Scotland”. Nationalist groups are convincing the people that Scotland can make more progress after separation from United Kingdom and independence is a basic human right so Scottish people should reject the union with UK. But on the other hand supporters of United Kingdom, majority of them are conservatives have also launched a campaign namely “Better Together”.

The supporters of union are hopeful that Scottish people will reject the idea of separation from United Kingdom as Scotland will has to face severe economic crises after independence. More than 40 million Scottish people will decide their fate in referendum on 18 September. Recent polls show that about 30 percent people are in favor of separate country, while 40 percent people are against this idea. Thirty percent people are swing voters, who have not made up their minds till now. These 30 percent voters will be decisive on 18 September’s referendum.

About half a century ago United Kingdom was ruling the world and now its main land might be divided.  Let’s see what the majority of Scottish people decide on 16 September, 2014. Many American states have also launched campaign for separation from United States. The result of this referendum will also affect the USA. India should follow this example too and Kashmiri people should also be given right of self determination as it is their fundamental human right.  You can read the story in Urdu below this post. Stay in touch with your favorite portal and its face book page for latest updates about current affairs.

Current Affairs – Will Scotland Leave The United Kingdom

Current Affairs - Will Scotland Leave The United Kingdom in referendum of 18 September

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