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DHA Education System Admission 2024 in Play Group to 8th & Cambridge-1

DHA Kindergarten, DHA Junior Campus & DHA Senior School Announces Admission 2024

This DHA Education System has opened their admissions and it is from playgroup to class 8 and then for the Cambridge classes that these admissions are announced. Here you can check out all the information as linked and attached about admission 2024 in DHA Education System. This school is affiliated with the Federal board and it always give amazing and impressive matric class and O-level class results.



DHA Education System Admission 2024 in Play Group

DHA Education System believes in creating a learning environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking & personal growth. It understands the importance of early education & its impact on a child’s development, which is why its playgroup program focuses on cultivating a love for learning through interactive & engaging activities. Experienced faculty members of DHA Education System are dedicated for providing a strong foundation to its little ones, for ensuring that they are well-prepared for their academic journey ahead.


DHA Education System Admission 2024 in Primary & Middle Classes

Moving on to its primary & middle school programs, DHA Education System continues to uphold its high standards of education. Their curriculum is designed to enhance students’ cognitive abilities, foster creativity & promote independent thinking. DHA Education System believes in providing a well-rounded education, which includes a balance of academics, sports, arts & even co-curricular activities. With a focus on character building DHA Education System aims to instill values for example respect, integrity & empathy in its students, preparing them to become responsible citizens of the future.


DHA Education System Admission 2024 in Cambridge-1 Program

For those seeking an internationally recognized qualification, Cambridge-1 program by DHA Education System offers the opportunity to pursue the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). This program is designed to provide a globally accepted education that opens doors to prestigious universities and career opportunities worldwide. With a comprehensive curriculum & highly qualified teachers, we ensure that our students receive the necessary support to excel in their studies.


Admission 2024



Details of DHA Education System Admission 2024 Phase

It is from the date of 00th Jan 2024 that the admission 2024 proceeding has been started. You can now start getting your admission forms and apply on time. The registration and application forms have been entered in the issuance phase. Below we have mentioned the details that from where you can get these forms.



For the nursery and KG classes, test and interviews will be taking place on 00st Feb, 2024. Make sure that you prepare your kid for these stages. This is the official date and you have to bring your kid for these evaluation stages.


Then for playgroup classes, it is on the dates of 00nd Feb, 2024 and 00rd Feb, 2024 that these test and interview proceedings will be taking place.


For classes 1- 8 and for the Cambridge class, their written test will take place right on 00rd Feb, 2024.


From play group till class 8 as well as for their Cambridge class, the merit list will be displayed on 00th Feb, 2024.


Fee challan forms will be issued from the dates of 00th March, 2024 till 00th March, 2024. Make sure that you get your fee challan documents in between these dates so that you can submit fees on time and get the official admission 2024 letter from this school.


4th March is the last date to submit your fees. This will be the last date and if you will not submit your fees then your name will get cancelled from the merit list.


From 0th March, 2024, new academic session will be started.



Registration Forms Availability for DHA Education System Admission 2024 Proceedings

From DHA kindergarten, you can have the registration and admission forms for the classes of playgroup, nursery and KG.


Then from DHA junior campus T block, you can have the admission forms from classes 1 till 5. From the DHA junior campus Z block, you can also get the form for these same classes that is from class 1 till class 5.


DHA senior school for boys has the admission forms from classes 6 to 8 and too forms for the Cambridge class.


From DHA senior school for girls, you can have your form and registration document if you want to apply in the classes of 6 to 8 or in the Cambridge grade class.



Facilities at DHA Education System

Facilities at the DHA Education System are top-notch for providing a conducive learning environment for its students. Classrooms are spacious & equipped with modern teaching aids to enhance the learning experience. DHA Education System has well-equipped science & computer labs for enabling students to delve into practical experiments and technology-based projects. Its library boasts a vast collection of books for catering to the varied interests of our students & promoting a culture of reading. DHA Education System also has dedicated sports facilities for encouraging students to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.


Why DHA Education System?

DHA Education System understands that each child is unique & has different learning needs. Their faculty & staff are committed to providing individual attention & support to every student for ensuring their holistic development. Additionally school has a robust counseling department that provides guidance & support to students for helping them navigate through academic and personal challenges.


Key Features

DHA Education System believes that education goes beyond the classroom, which is why institute organizes various extracurricular activities & field trips throughout the year. These activities provide students with the opportunity to explore their individual interests, develop leadership skills & learn outside of the traditional classroom setting.



Final Words

Do apply on time in these DHA Education System admissions, we will let you know more details of these admissions which are started and commenced by this subjected school, so keep in touch with us. If you have any questions on this school admission 2024 phase, then ask from us.


DHA Education System Admission 2024 in Play Group to 8th & Cambridge-1

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