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Difference Between A-Level & Inter in Pakistan

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A-Level is considered as the best further study option after O-Level. Large number of students prefer A-Level on FSc or FA in Pakistan. Today we shall discuss the difference between A Level and inter. A Level is the abbreviation of advanced level. Its an international degree/certificate, which is considered equivalent to the FA (Faculty of Arts) and F.Sc (Faculty of Science).

Difference Between A-Level & Inter in Pakistan

Difference Between A-Level & Inter in Pakistan

1-FA and FSc certificate are issued by local boards of intermediate and secondary education (BISE) of Pakistan, whereas A Level certificate is issued by Cambridge International Examination Committee.

2-A-Level students can easily get admission in international universities, whereas inter pass students have to clear different English language proficiency tests for the same purpose like IELTS and TOEFL, but for getting admission in any undergraduate program in Pakistan A-Level degree holders have to get equivalence certificate from IBCC. Some international universities demand good score in standardized English language test from A-Level students too, so if you want to go for A-Level for getting exemption from standardized tests then revise your decision.

3-Students who want to study abroad should go for A-Level as A Level is recognized all over the world.

4-Duration of inter and A-Level is equal i.e two years, but A-Level is considered a better option after O-Level than simple FA or FSc due to international recognition of A-Level.

5-Syllabus taught in A-Level is of an international level, that’s why this degree is recognized globally.

6-In A-Level students have to study only those students which can benefit them in their future career, whereas inter students have to study irrelevant subjects too like Urdu.
7–A-Level syllabus is revised more frequently as per the need of job market than inter syllabus

8-A-Level exams are conducted twice in a year, whereas Inter students have to wait for a year for improving their marks.

9-A-Level students can choose much diverse subjects than inter students. It helps them a lot in their future career.

10-Science students in Pakistan should go for FSc only, as it will help them in clearing the ECAT and MCAT entry tests.

11-It is considered that local inter students can not clear their basic concepts due to out dated syllabus and method of instruction. Cambridge students are taught up to date conceptual clearance syllabus.

12-Local Pakistani students have to spend precious foreign exchange for clearing useless Cambridge exam. Yes its a useless exam as UK educational system has failed in 21st century. There is no value of British qualification in 21st century. United Kingdom has failed to comply with the needs of new century. Now world industry prefer expertise and skills on educational qualification, so please just try to improve your practical skills.

13-O Level students in Pakistan should go for A-Level,as they can not easily adjust with local education system, but science students should start their entry test preparation right from FSc part 1.
14-Cambridge students can get international jobs easily then local students due to world wide recognition of their qualification.

15-Local FA and FSc is much cheaper option than A-Level.

UK has lost its glory. It has become a second rate world power. Now USA,China and Russia are the three super powers of the world. I have seen lot of dull Cambridge students. There is just need of urge for knowledge for success in life in modern world, as knowledge about all fields of life is available on Internet., In modern world your skills matters more than your degree. My BSc students are teaching A-Level students and earning lot of money. We have written detailed article in Urdu on scope of A-Level and Inter. You must read this article too. Visit and its facebook page/group for guidance about scope of A Level.

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