Digiskills LMS Guide For Beginners-Login, FAQ

Everything You Need To Know About Digiskills LMS 
Do you want to know how you can make the beneficial use of Digiskills LMS as a beginner? If you are a beginner and you are using Digiskills LMS for the first time, then this blog post will be so much helpful for you to learn some basic techniques. Let’s discuss a step by step guide for you:


Digiskills LMS Guide For Beginners-Login, FAQ

Digiskills LMS Guide For Beginners-Login, FAQ

What is LMS (Learning Management System)?
LMS stands for learning management system! This learning management system has been introduced by Digiskills. This software is basically concerned with the learning management which you can use effectively at any place of the world.


Let’s make you learn about the complete guide of using LSM without any inconvenience:


1-First of all you have to visit the main official website link of https://lms.digiskills.pk.


2-As you get signed in, on the main window you will see the box in which you have to insert your email ID along with the password. Each single time you will be logging into this system, you have to mention your password. If you are using it from one PC, save yourself from the stress by clicking “keep me logged in”.


3-As you switch to the main window of the website, a pop up window will appear which will ask for the mobile verification. Verify the mobile to proceed ahead.


4-Now you have finally become the part of Digiskills LMS. On the right hand side corner of the window you will view your profile option in which you have to enter all your details to create a profile.


On the main page window, different sections will appear in which the first section is “my current courses”. 2 courses are provided i.e. digital marketing and freelancing. Each course has been further provided with the 2 options which is course website and announcement. If you have not enrolled in the course yet, then you have to click on the option “enroll now”. As you will make a click on any of the course, you will be given a brief review about the course in the next window. This brief review will enable you to know about the course outline, duration of the course and basic elements which you will be studying in the course. If you have any sort of queries, then on the right hand corner there is an option of “ask a question”. Click on it and submit your question.


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Apart from that there is also a section of quiz and testing as well. If you have fully understood a course and want to make your grip strong on it, then without wasting any time pass yourself through the test process right now. You can submit the test or quiz to get good grades. LMS will also enable you to arrange all your educational activities in your personal account.



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So this was a complete guide for beginners about the Digiskills LMS! Follow all the guideline steps which we mentioned right here for you and make your educational activities easy to perform. Try it now!


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