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Digital Shirt For Health Conscious Persons


A French company has invented a digital shirt which can measure heart beat body temperature and your pace or speed too. This small shirt will also inform you about your GPS location, height and shall guide you towards your destination with the help of GPS and map. French company citizen science has invented this smart shirt specially for athletes. This shirt also work as tracker. Both men and women can wear this shirt. Special ferric sensors and transmitters have been used in this shirt. These transmitters and sensors record heart beat, body temperature, GPS location,  height and send this information to your smart phone through Bluetooth. Digital shirt is just like ordinary T shirts and can be washed and ironed easily. It is light in weight too. Company will market the shirt in coming September. Researcher are also trying to improve this shirt for adding more useful features in the shirt. Company also claimed that its scientist are working out to change all the sport garments into digital shape. So its a good news for all athletes as it will help them a lot. Now fabrics have also entered in digital era and we can hope that in near future such garments will be also available for common people too.  So its a good news for health conscious people.

Digital shirt

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