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Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND) Career & Scope, Eligibility, Subjects

All About Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics DND
Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics is a new degree in Pakistan. In modern world now people are fed up with allopathic way of treatment due to its side effects. Man is coming back towards nature and its true that we can control, prevent and cure disease with our diet control. DND is best option for those students who want to become doctor at every cost in spite of getting low marks in F.Sc Pre Medical and MCAT entry test because you just need second division in F.Sc Pre Medical for getting admission in Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics DND program.

Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND) Career & Scope, Eligibility, Subjects


Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND) Career & Scope, Eligibility, Subjects


Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics DND is a five year program with ten semesters of 6 months duration each.
Many people take nutrition and dietetics as one and same thing but both are two different fields. Nutrition is concerned with the role of food in our body while in Dietetics we study about the prevention and treatment of different food-related diseases. Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics helps the people in changing their eating habits for improving their health. Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics can guide us in normal circumstances as well as in disease. But he can not prescribe medicines to patients except food supplement and vitamins etc. Those who also want to prescribe medicines can go for DHMS/BHMS/BEMS/FTJ. DND is one of the recommended program for females in Pakistan as they can earn money while practicing at home as Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Career & Scope
Scope of Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics DND
At present i do not see a good scope for Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics in public sector but in future it is expected that DND doctors will also be appointed in each hospital. But in private sector you can get jobs in various areas such as
Private Practice as a Clinical Nutritionist
Food Researcher and Scientist
Production Manager
Quality Control Manager in Food Related Industries
Quality Assurance Officer in Food Processing plants
Fitness Consultant in Gyms & Five Star Hotels
Food Auditor in Hotels
Manager in Food Processing and Preservation Units
Food & Nutrition Adviser for Sport Teams
Department Related to Food Laws and Regulations
Food Inspector
Professor in Homeopathic and Herbal Colleges
Nutrition Adviser for Children & Pregnant Women

Following subjects are taught in DND program in Pakistan.

Introduction to the Science of Food & Nutrition
Principles of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Introduction to Microbiology & Immunology
Pakistan Studies
General Anatomy & Histology
Food Microbiology
Elementary Mathematics
Islamic Studies / Ethics
Nutrition Policy and Public Health
Food Laws and Regulations
Food Quality Management & Maintenance
Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technology
Vitamins & Minerals in Human Nutrition
Nutrition Education & Practice
Community Health & Nutrition
Computer Applications
Human Psychology and Nutrition
Nutritional Disorders
General and Systemic Pathology
Metabolism of Nutrients
Food Industries Waste Management
Food Processing and Preservation
Food Toxicology and Safety
Physiology & Biochemistry of Human Nutrition
Food Additives
Meal Planning and Management
Life Cycle Nutrition
Water Quality and Environment
Food Analysis and Sensory Evaluation
Food Allergies
Institutional Food Services Management
Experimental Foods
Sports Nutrition
Functional & Nutraceutical Foods

At present University of Faisalabad is offering DND program some other universities are offering BS and B.Sc hons program in this field. But unibversity of Lahore is offering 4 years DDNS program which is alternative of DND. DNS (Doctor of Nutrition Sciences also very much resembles with program but we shall Inshaa Allah write a separate article on it. Stay in touch with your own website and its facebook page for guidance about alternative options of MBBS & BDS. Feel free to consult our team of professional career counselors for seeking individual guidance.


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