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DUHS MDCAT Entry Test Result 2023

Dow University of Health Sciences MDCAT Entry Test Result 2023
The DUHS MDCAT entry test 2023 is a crucial exam for students aspiring to pursue their careers in the field of medicine and dentistry. This MDCAT entrance test serves as a gateway for admission into prestigious BDS and MBBS programs offered by medical universities and colleges in Sind province of Pakistan. In this blog post, we shall provide you with important guidelines about checking the Dow University of Health Sciences DUHS MDCAT entry test result 2023.


DUHS MDCAT Entry Test Result 2023


Entry Test Result


1: DUHS MDCAT Entry Test Details

Entrance Test Date and Time:

The DUHS MDCAT entry test 2023 will be held on 19th November, 2023. The entrance test will begin promptly at 10.30 AM & conclude at 2 PM.


Admission Test Centers:

The test will be conducted in the following cities: Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana and Shaheed Benazirabad/Nawabshah. Candidates can choose their preferred test center during the application process.


Contact Information For Queries About DUHS MDCAT Entry Test Result 2023:

For any inquiries regarding admissions or the DUHS MDCAT entry test, you can reach out to the admissions department via email at They will be able to provide you with specific information & guidance regarding the DUHS MDCAT admission test.



2: Preparing for the DUHS MDCATE Entry Test

Syllabus Coverage :

It is crucial to cover all the relevant topics mentioned in the official syllabus for the DUHS MDCAT entry test 2023. Make sure you are familiar with the syllabus & allocate sufficient time to study each topic thoroughly.

Study Resources:

To prepare effectively for the DUHS entry test utilize reliable study resources like textbooks recommended by your teachers, model/sample papers, past papers from previous years, online resources, your class room notes and mock tests. These resources will help you familiarize yourself with the format of the test & the types of questions usually asked.


Time Management:

Creating a study schedule & managing your time effectively is essential. Allocate specific time slots for each subject and topic for ensuring that you cover all areas of the syllabus. Be consistent and dedicated in your study routine to maximize your chances of success.



3: Exam Day Guidelines

Arrival Time:

It is advisable to arrive at the designated test center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Arriving early will allow you to settle in, complete the necessary formalities & avoid any last-minute rush.


Required Documents:

On the day of the exam, make sure to bring all the required documents. These may include your admit card, original CNIC/B-form & any other documents specified by the authorities. Failure to present these documents may result in disqualification from the test,


Exam Materials Allowed:

Inside the examination hall, only permitted stationery items like pens, pencils, erasers & rulers are allowed. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided by the test authorities to ensure you bring only the necessary items.


Dress Code & Personal Belongings:

Check if there are any specific dress code requirements for the test, such as wearing a white coat or specific attire. Additionally, note any restrictions on personal belongings inside the exam hall, such as mobile phones, smartwatches, calculators or bags. It is essential to comply with these guidelines to maintain the integrity of the test.,



4: During the Test

Following Instructions:

When you receive the question paper, take a moment to read & understand all the instructions provided. Make sure you are clear about the format of the entrance test, the number of sections and the time allocated for each section. Following instructions carefully will help you navigate through the test smoothly..


Managing Time:

Time management is crucial during the DUHS MCAT entry test. Allocate your time wisely for each section to ensure you have sufficient time to attempt all the questions. If you find yourself stuck on a difficult question, it is advisable to move on & come back to it later, rather than wasting too much time on a single question

Answering Techniques:

To approach multiple-choice questions or MCQs effectively, read each question carefully & analyze all the options before selecting the correct answer. Eliminate obviously wrong choices to narrow down your options. Additionally trust your instincts & avoid second-guessing yourself too much. Stay calm and focused throughout the test .


5: How to Check DUHS MDCAT Entry Test Result 2023

This DUHS MDCAT entry test result 2023 will play a pivotal role in compiling the merit list for admission in MBBS and BDS. Students can check their Dow University of Health Sciences MDCAT entry test result 2023 by roll number and name via the below given link. Remember that we are also going to publish DUHS merit list and answer keys too on our website.




In conclusion the DUHS MDCAT entry test result 2023 is a pivotal step in securing admission to medical universities and colleges. Thoroughly preparing for the test by covering the syllabus, utilizing reliable study resources & managing your time effectively will significantly enhance your chances of success. Please follow the guidelines provided by the test authorities, arrive early on exam day and stay focused during the admission test. We wish you the best of luck in your preparation and future endeavors in the field of medicine.


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