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DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope

Career & Scope For DVM Degree Holders
In an agricultural country there is a great scope of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine because every farmer has few buffaloes and cows. Now a days poultry and cattle farming business is also booming. Many people love to have pets and they take them as family members. Few days before famous ex cricketer Imran Khan expressed his feeling for his late dog Shairu. Population of the whole world is increasing with a great pace. It has become difficult for farmers to feed all the people so the cattle farming and poultry industry have become profitable business. With the raising number of animal farm the demand of qualified veterinary doctors is also increasing day by day. Many DVM doctors have started their own livestock farms as they can handle this business easier than a lay man.

DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope

DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Subjects, Eligibility, Career & Scope

Institutions of Veterinary education specially veterinary assistant institutions are also increasing and these are too places of employment for veterinary doctors. Government Veterinary hospitals also hire DVM doctors. But scope of private practice is also very good. Many students under rate this degree but its their wrong approach due to prejudices. O.K if you do not agree with me then tell me one thing that who are more in number animals or humans. Of course animals are many times more than humans and they need also need medical care. Those students who want to become MBBS or BDS doctors to serve humanity must remember that by treating the animals you can do this too as they are the second largest source of food for humans after agriculture products. Our religion Islam also lays great stress on rights of animals. Remember the hadith of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in which he said that Almighty Allah forgave a bad women due to her good behavior with an thirsty cat.

There are large cattle farms in USA, Australia, North America, Holland and many other Western countries so there is a great chance of finding a job in these countries after graduation in Veterinary Medicine. But in such case it will be better for you to get post graduation degree in your field for finding a suitable job in Western countries. In our country many veterinary doctors are treating humans too which is not a recommended at all. But i know a DVM doctor of my village who has also got a four years diploma in Homeopathy and in his clinic he also treats the general public with homeopathic medicines. A friend of mine did MBA after DVM and now he is running his own fish, poultry and cattle farm in just 2 acres rural area and earning a lot of money as in his farm office he is doing private practice too. Some doctors open Veterinary medical stores and disease diagnosis labs too with their clinic. So as far as scope of any degree is concern it largely depends upon your skill, commitment with your work and creativity.

Employment Areas For DVM Doctors
Cattle Farm
Poultry Farm
Fish Farm
Dairy Farms
Livestock Farms
Disease diagnosis labs
Research Institutes
Pakistan Army & Rangers (RV&FC)
Processing plants.
Multinational Companies
Government Hospitals
Private Hospitals
Civil Service
Private Business
Vet Medical Store
Lecturer ship
Fisheries Department
National Parks
Wildlife Parks

Eligibility Criteria For D.V.M
As per Pakistan veterinary medical council regulations only students who have passed F.Sc Pre Medical, A-Level or any other equivalent exam can apply for admission in DVM.

DVM Subjects
DVM is a unique professional degree and following diverse subjects are taught in it.

General and Systemic Anatomy
General Veterinary Histology & Embryology
General Biochemistry
Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Physiology
Computer Application
Functional English
Comparative Anatomy
Systemic Veterinary Histology
Biochemistry of Metabolism
Physiology of Digestion and Lactation
General Veterinary Microbiology
General Veterinary Parasitology
Communication Skills
Islamic Studies/Ethics
Pakistan Studies
General Vet Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics
General Vet Pathology
Veterinary Protozoology
Endocrinology and Neuromuscular Physiology
Fundamentals of Immunology
Molecular Biology
Systemic Vet Pharmacology and Therapeutic
Systemic Veterinary Pathology
Veterinary Helminthology
Bacteriology and Mycology
Systemic Vet Virology
Principles of Animal Nutrition
General Vet Surgery & Anesthesiology
Veterinary Toxicology and Chemotherapy
Meat and Slaughter By-Products Technology
Necropsy Practice
Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Veterinary Entomology
Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health
Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination
General Veterinary Medicine
Large Animal Surgery
Meat Hygiene and Public Health
Forensic Medicine and Jurisprudence
Dairy Herd Health
Milk Hygiene and Public Health
Veterinary Obstetrics and Genital Diseases
Systemic Vet Medicine
Shoeing and Soundness
Small Animal Surgery
Diagnostic Imaging
Introduction to Reproductive Biotechnologies
Reproduction Clinic
Surgery Clinic
Medicine Clinic
Introduction to Poultry Production
Introduction to Livestock Management
Introduction to Animal Breeding and Genetics
Beef Production
Principles of Dairy Production
Poultry Breeding and Hatchery Management
Animal Breeding Plans and Policies
Small Ruminant Production
Equine and Camel Production
Feed Evaluation, Formulation and Processing
Animal Feed Resources and Forage Conservation
Livestock Extension Education
Livestock Economics and Business Management
Poultry Pathology
Dairy Technology
Poultry Housing and Farm Management
Poultry Nutrition
Ruminant Nutrition
Feed Mill Operations
Introduction to Fisheries and Aquaculture
Lab and Zoo Animal Management
Livestock Farm Operations
Poultry Farm Operations
Technical Report Writing and Presentation

One semester internship is mandatory to provide practical experience to Veterinary doctors. Feel free to ask any question from our team of career counselor related to your future planning. Stay in touch with your favorite site and its facebook page for improving broaden your vision.




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