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E governance in Punjab

Punjab government is striving to provide best services to people of Punjab by introducing e governance system in the province. It has computerized the excise and taxation department. Now you can get all the information about your bike or car via sms. You can get the complete record of any vehicle before buying or selling by just sending an sms to 9966 from your mobile phone. You just need to send number of vehicle with registration year to 9966.
For example if your vehicle was registered in 2009 then type LOU 09 2345 and send the sms. If the registration year is not mentioned on the number plate then only write the registration number of car or bike.This unique service will save you from any fraud or cheating. You will instantly get information about the ownership and token tax of the vehicle. You can get form for rectifying the record from any post office or excise office. Send the form to Director General office via post. Photocopy of form can also be used. For any further information contact on the toll free number 08000-9966.
Punjab government has also already launched online property tax calculator through which you can calculate your property tax easily. You just need to visit to calculate your annual property tax. By filling necessary required information about your property you can get exact figure of your annual property tax. These revolutionary steps indicate that Punjab government is going to computerize all the departments of government.
E governance is the first step towards good governance. Excise department is most notorious department in Pakistan but now these brilliant steps will be helpful in controlling the corruption and bribery in this department. Punjab government is also going to computerize all the record of land and revenue department. We welcome these positive changes but still there is need for improvement in police, education courts and other departments of government. Other provinces should also introduce e governance to facilitate the public.

e governance in Punjab

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