Earn Money With Laptops Distributed by PM Free Laptops Scheme

Earn Money online With Laptops Distributed Under Prime Minister’s Free Laptops Scheme
Yes you can earn money with laptops distributed by PM free laptops scheme 2014. But we are not advising you to sell your laptops and earn money by this technique at all. Students you can earn lot of money by right use of these laptops. In fact online money making has become a common practice through out the world but in our country students don’t know the different methods for making money online.

Earn Money With Laptops Distributed by PM Free Laptops SchemeEarn Money With Laptops Distributed by PM Free Laptops Scheme

If you have got a free laptop then you have fulfilled the first requirement for making money online. Second requirement is to have a internet connections and as all of you know that free EVO devices with three months free internet connections are being distributed with PM free laptops. So you have now got almost all the basic infrastructure for making money online. Now believe me within the three months you will be able to make money online through your laptops. The basic skill which you need for it is creativity, average command on English language, a little bit experience about web making and SEO.

How to Earn Money With Laptops Distributed by PM Free Laptops Scheme

No, last one is not a difficult skill if some one of you want to learn these skills then we shall publish articles on them in near future. But it would be better for you to learn the both skills in one month. Yes you can master both these skills in just one month. Many institutes are teaching these skills but one of the best which will train you in both skills just in one month is E-Earning house.

Earn Money With Laptops Distributed by PM Free Laptops Scheme

After mastering these skills you can launch your own website on any topic about which you have sufficient knowledge. You will have to write a quality article daily on your website. Within a two to three months reasonable visitors will start to visit your site. Then you can apply for infolinks for their ads. This will be the first source of your income through your website. Almost after 6 months you can apply to Google adsense for their ads. If google approves your sites then quite handsome amount of money you can earn through your website. This will be second source of income for you from your website. Then you can promote different products of Click bank, Ebay and Amazon by writing reviews on them. This is called affiliate marketing. This would be the third source of your income through your website. There are many other methods of earning money online and we shall continue to write articles about all legitimate methods in our earn money category.

O.k, if you can not buy a domain and hosting then still you can start your own websites. We have written a detailed article about “How to get free domain and free hosting“. But you should use this method just for practice purpose. As Google  adsense, Infoloinks and other advertisers don’t approve such sites. But Blogger is a platform where you can make your site without investing a single penny and all advertisers recognize bloggers too. You can easily make a website on blogger without taking admission in any training course. But remember one thing that you will have to write articles which people like to read and Google adwards keywords planner can help you in this regard.

Last but not least, you may also earn money online by selling your services online. There are many websites on internet from where you can get different orders about different projects and after completing the project you are paid by websites.  For example Elance, Fiverr etc. We shall soon write separate articles on all these sites. Indian students are earning lot of money with online sources. Now its your time to shine.

You are always welcome to ask questions. Our team of webmasters and SEO experts will feel pleasure in helping you. As studysolutions.pk wants to solve all problems of students including financial problems.  Now we can hope that you will make best use of laptops distributed by PM free laptops scheme 2014 by making research and earning money online by these devices.



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