Easy Method of Face Contour Makeup, Tips (Urdu & English)

Best & Easy Method of Face Contour Makeup in Urdu & English Languages 
Do you want to know how you can easily perform the contouring easily on your face? Well for some of the ladies contouring is quite a daunting and uneasy thing to do because it requires a constant use of the fingers on your face. But right here we will be letting you know about the easy method through which you can perform the face contour makeup quite easily on your own!




Important Guidelines for Easy Method of face Contour Makeup
By using the palm of your hands, or through the use of brush you need to apply the foundation on your whole face. This foundation is the main base on which you will be applying the contour. You should be extremely careful when it comes to the selection of the bronze which matches best according to your skin color. These bronze are available in two forms, i.e. matte and bronze. They are normally high in color texture as compared to our skin. So make sure you choose mate bronze instead of shimmer.


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In the beginning of application, give your face a look of fish so it can better give you a proper place on your cheeks where you have to apply the contour. You have to start from the point of cheeks. You should apply a lower shade in the beginning and start with the higher shade tone later on so it can bring extra attraction and charm on your face.



When you are applying brushing on your nose and cheeks, you should mix powder and bronze all together so it can merge perfectly in your skin.


Making Your Cheek Bones Prominent
In order to add some extra attraction in your face, you have to add some prominence in the cheek bones. For this sake, you need to apply the highlighter straight away on your cheek bone. Through the use of contouring your cheeks will become prominent which will add extra charm in your whole makeup look.


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How to Contour your Nose?
The next most important guideline is about how you can contour your face. For some of the ladies it is quite an uneasy thing to do. But as you will make it do perfectly, it will bring a huge change in your whole makeup look. You need to first apply bronze on both sides of the nose and make it blend perfectly by using a round brush.

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Apply highlighter on upper portion of the nose which is linked with your forehead. Now you need to apply the highlighter on the whole nose by making it get mixed with the bronze.


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Now finally take a powder brush and make it apply on your whole face smoothly to balance the entire makeup. This is how you will be coming to an end of perfect contouring makeup look. We have given you a complete guideline about how you can add your face with brilliant contouring and add your face with extra perfection.
Follow the tips and try it now. Read the detailed method of face contour makeup in Urdu in the image given below.


Easy Method of Face Contour Makeup, Tips (Urdu & English)


Easy Method of Face Contour Makeup, Tips (Urdu & English)

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