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Ecology or Environmental Sciences-Career & Scope, Jobs & Introduction

Ecology or Environmental Sciences –  Jobs, Definition, Benefits, Introduction, Career & Scope in Pakistan & All Over The World 

Ecology or Environmental Science is basically a branch of biology, which is related to relationships of living organisms to one another and to their environment. Due to industrial pollution it has become one of the most important branch of biology in 21st century. Our eco-system is in danger and there is need of taking revolutionary steps to save life on our earth. Ecology guide us about all such methods. World has very conscious about ecology and environment that’s why there is a great scope and demand of ecologists all over the world. Hole in Ozone layer has disturbed the whole atmosphere of the world. Temperature of the world is increasing year by year. Glaciers are melting quickly. Many important species for ecosystem are disappearing. The quantity of engenders species has increased a lot. Equilibrium in ecosystem is disturbing. There is need of global campaign for the protection of our ecosystem.

Ecology or Environmental Sciences-Career & Scope, Jobs & Introduction

Ecology or Environmental Sciences – Career & Scope, Jobs & Introduction

Ecology/Environmental Science is one and only source for us for knowing about the current environmental and ecosystem situation. Ecologists can get job in almost all industries. Ecology/ is a field which is closely associated with biology, chemistry, botany, geology, microbiology, environmental engineering, climatology, zoology and meteorology. An ecologist study the effects of climate, soil, air, water, geological processes, evolution, natural selection and species population dynamics on an ecosystem in details. He also study the effects of end of any specific specie on atmosphere. He researches on the effects of human activities on atmosphere like global warming, ozone depletion, land, air and water pollution, acid rain, melting of glaciers, deforestation, wetland loss, solid waste, toxic chemicals, hazardous gases and other dangerous wastes. Although these negative effects are results of human interactions with their ecosystem still we can overcome these hazardous effects. We just need to have take an strict eye on these effects to save our environment.  Ecology will help us in this direction.

Ecology – Jobs, Career & Scope
Environmental Sciences – Employment Areas 
Green Peace and other environmental NGO’s
Environmental Protection Department
Universities & Academia
Municipal Councils
Solid Waste Management Division
Research Centers
Testing Labs
Air Pollution Management Wing
Irrigation Ministry
Surveying Companies
Consulting Firms
Water Supply, Cleanness & Treatment Plants
Environmental Protection NGO’s

Environmental Sciences – Job Types
Field Researcher
Environmental Consultant
NGO Worker
Government Servant
Green Writer
Data Collector or Surveyor
Scientific Writer & Researcher
Lab Attendant
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