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Mysteries of Egyptian Pyramids and Malaysian Plane

Malaysian Plane Mystery Solved?
A British author claimed that Malaysian Plane was hit during the military exercise of Thailand and USA in South China sea. A black box was dropped in the Australian seas to divert the attention of world. Writer claimed that the plan was hit accidentally during the joint military exercise. A black box was dropped in Australian seas  to avoid the search on the crash place and to misguide the search team. Author also included a eye witness’s statement in his book who belong to New Zealand and was working in South China sea in an oil exploring expedition. 239 passengers were boarded in the flight MH370. Malaysian plane was lost on 8th March, 2014. If the story is true then it was a very brutal act.

Egyptian pyramidsEgyptian Pyramids and Malaysian Plane Mysteries Solved?

Egyptian Pyramids  Mystery Solved?
Scientists were unable to understand that how ancient Egyptian people built huge Egyptian pyramids without the help of any machinery. No body could explain that how they used to drag extremely heavy stone blocks. There were different theories about this. Some people claimed that alien helped the ancient Egyptian people for dragging such heavy stone blocks to the construction site. There was another hypothesis that trunk of date tree were used for this purpose. But there were very few date trees in the ancient Egypt and these trunks could not bear the heavy weight of stone blocks. Now a research team of university of Amsterdam claimed that they had solved this mystery of Egyptian Pyramids. They proved by experiment that ancient Egyptian people used to wet the sand before dragging the stone blocks as it reduces the friction and required force. An ancient painting also shows this techniques. Wet sand becomes more solid and slippery than the dry one. Let’s see what will be the reaction of other other researchers on this new research on Egyptian Pyramids.

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