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Electrical Engineering Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects & Tips

BSc/BE Electrical Engineering Jobs, Degrees, Career, Scope, Subjects & Caree Tips

Electrical Engineering is one of the best engineering disciplines. This field of engineering is related to application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electricity and electrical instruments have become integral part of our life and now we can not even think about living without them. During the last century we have made great progress in the field of electrical engineering. You may call it a mixture of many engineering field like electrical, electronics and communication, instrumentation, computer hardware engineering. You may find jobs in all these areas after the completion of your degree.

You may call it the largest of all engineering disciplines as it covers following areas;
Control Systems
Signal processing
Aerosapce Engineering
Bio-medical Engineering
Computer hardware

Electrical Engineering Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects & Tips

Electrical Engineering Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects & Tips

In short this field covers a wide range of sub-disciplines. Its various sub disciplines deal with power, optoelectronics, digital electronics, computer hardware, digital computers, microelectronics, analogue electronics, artificial intelligence, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, control systems, electronics and telecommunications.  Electrical engineers can get jobs in wide range of industries as per their field of specialization. Skills required also differs industry to industry.

Education & Degrees
BE is a 4 to 5 years bachelor degree after FSc Pre Engineering or A-Level whereas DAE is a three years associate diploma in after matriculation or O-Level. Some institutes also provide the specialization facility in any sub discipline during the last semesters of the degree.Those who want to join academia or research institutes must go for M.Eng/MSc and PhD.

Why Study Electrical Engineering?
1-Degree in this profession will secure your career due to multiple type job opportunities in various industries, educational and research institutes.
2-This field will satisfy your urge to research and experimentation.
3-You may also start your own electrical equipment manufacturing business.
4-You can easily get job in any devolved country along with family immigration.
5-You will never have to face a recession period in your career due to massive demand of electrical engineers in various fields.

Here i want to quote the example of my teacher Mr Muhammad Bilal Muteen Hashmi who is a BE but is serving as a professor of computer engineer in FAST and Information Technology University. Many foreign universities are offering him job due to his expertise in IT but he is willing to serve his country. You may also follow his noble example. This example proves that you may find job in any of your sub discipline. You just need to love your profession for success in career. So try to get good understanding of your own area of concentration, but also try to have a broad grasp on engineering in general.

Electrical Engineering Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects & Tips

Jobs, Career & Scope
You may find job in following areas.
Power Houses
Electrical equipment manufacturing companies
Engineering Colleges and Universities
Power generation and transmission companies
Telecommunication sector
Wapda, K Electric and other electricity distribution companies
IT sector
Atomic power houses
Hydroelectric power plants
Design plants
Thermal power plants
Manufacturing plants
Heavy industries
Steel and chemical plants
Petroleum industry
Automobile industry
Research Institutes
Production plants
Air force
Scientific Journals
Poly technical Institutes
Different kind of labs
Mobile Phone Service Provider Companies
Mobile Phone and tablet Manufacturing industry
Internet service provider companies
Cable Networks
Hardware Industry
Bio-medical equipment manufacturing industry
All kinds of Public sector industries
After the boom in internet, telecommunication and mobile phones industries, thousands of new job opportunities have created in theses fields.

BE Electrical Engineering Subjects
Here is the list of major subjects as per HEC syllabus. Elective subjects have not been included.
Basic Electrical Engineering
Electrical Workshop
Applied Calculus
Communication Skills
Islamic Studies
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Introduction to Computing
Electrical Materials & Devices
Basic Civil Engineering
Linear Algebra Differential
Equations & Solid Geometry
Computer Aided Drawing
Pakistan Studies
Network Analysis
Electromagnetic Field Theory
Applied Thermodynamics
DC Machines and Drives
Complex Variable and Transforms
Instrumentation and Measurements
Electronic Devices & Circuits
Logic Design & Switching Theory
Probability and Stochastic Process
Engineering Economics and Management
AC Machines and Drives
Power System Analysis
Integrated Circuits and systems
Numerical Analysis
Power Electronics
Communication system
Control systems
Microprocessor Based Systems

Qualities Required
1-Who can remain in touch with latest research as lot of research work is conducted in this field.
2-You must have a sharp mind, analytical and practical approach toward the problems.
3-You must have ability to able grasp and adapt to new and ever changing concepts in electronics.
4-Excellent Communication skills in local and international languages is also required for sharing your ideas with other experts of the field.
5-Good organizing and problems solving skills will add an star in your profile.
6-You will have to work under under pressure so try to have the ability to keep calm during crisis period.
7-Last but not least research oriented mind, dedication and commitment towards your profession will guarantee your success in this field.

Tips For Success in Career
1-Remain in touch with latest research in your field. Study all scientific journals of your field.
2-Try to find internship during your study period for getting a better offer after graduating.
3-Go for private business too related to your filed as it will create an urge in you for study and research
4-Become the member of your professional organisations and attend their meetings regularly.
5-You must at least get Master degree in your field for rapid career growth.

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