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Electro Homeopathy in Pakistan, Career & Scope, Advantages, Electropathy Medicines, Tips

Comprehensive Guide About Career & Scope of Electro Homeopathy in Pakistan, Advantages, Risks, Theory, Side Effects, Remedies List, Facts, Course, Homeopathy Vs Electropathy
Electrohomeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that uses electrical stimulation to treat patients. It has both pros and cons, so it is important to know what they are before you decide whether or not electrohomeopathy is right for you.

Electro Homeopathy: What is it?

Electrohomeopathy is a type of alternative treatment which is generally connected with homeopathy. It is also considered that in electropathy electricity is used to help the body fight disease. Both these things are wrong neither electropathy is a branch of homeopathy nor electricity is used in this treatment method. Electrohomeopathy is used to treat a variety of health issues including: fever, flu, arthritis, ADHD, cancer, jaundice, kidney stones, depression, weak eyesight and more. Electro homeopathy is also known as electropathy or Mattei cancer cure.


Electro Homeopathy in Pakistan, Career & Scope, Advantages, Electropathy Medicines, Tips

Electro Homeopathy in Pakistan, Career & Scope, Advantages, Electropathy Medicines, Tips


In short, electro homeopathy is a derivative of homeopathy that was invented by an Italian lord Count Cesare Mattei in the 19th century exactly in 1865. It is based on the idea that diseases can be cured by using plant-based potentized medicines. Electrohomeopathy is a system of medicine that helps to maintain homeostasis between the lymph and blood of diseased persons.



History of Electro Homeopathy

The history of electro homeopathy or electropathy dates back to 1865, when Italian physician Count Cesare Mattei accidentally developed a system of medicine based on the principles of electricity & bio energy of plants. Over the years, electro homeopathy has been practiced & perfected by many different homeopathic practitioners, resulting in a wealth of knowledge & experience in this medical system. Today electrohomeopathy is recognized as a viable alternative to traditional allopathic medical system and is used by many people around the world to treat a variety of conditions from acute to chronic diseases. Electropathy is more popular in India and Pakistan.



How Does Electro Homeopathy Work?

Electrohomeopathy is based on the principle that diseased organisms are more sensitive than healthy organisms and change the condition of the bodily fluids. This system of medicine is used to purify the blood and lymph and give amazing results in many cases which are said to be incurable in other systems.


What are the Benefits of Electrotherapy?

The benefits of electrotherapy generally include improved circulation, better mood, reduced inflammation, and increased nerve function.


Electrotherapy can be used in a number of ways to improve the health of patients. One way is by using it to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a major cause of pain and other symptoms. Reducing inflammation can help reduce pain intensity and duration, as well as improve overall health. Additionally, electrotherapy can be used to promote relaxation and rehabilitation after physical or emotional stressors.



Another common use for electropathy is in the treatment of mental illness. Mental illness is often caused by factors like stress, anxiety, or depression. By using electro homeopathy in combination with other forms of therapy or medication, therapists may be able to better manage these problems on an individual level.



Electropathy is the use of natural medicines which act like electricity. This includes, but is not limited to medical procedures, treatments and care for patients. It has been described as a new frontier in treatment of chronic diseases, as it offers a way to provide better patient care without relying on traditional drugs or surgery. Additionally, electrohomeopathy is a plant based system that is harmless and has no evidence of ever harming anyone.



Are there any Risks Associated with Electro Homeopathy?

Modern science do not believe in the benefits of potentized medicines. Electro homeopathy uses the plant extracts in diluted or potentized form that is why it is said to be safe and effective. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. There are also no known risks associated with electrohomeopathy.



What is the Difference Between Homeopathy and Electropathy?

While homeopathy and electrohomeopathy may share some similarities, there are also several key differences between the two. For instance, while homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’, electro homeopathy relies on the use of plant-based remedies. Additionally, while allopathic medicine is considered the conventional approach to medicine, electrohomeopathy is not recognized by any government act like homeopathy which was recognized in Pakistan in 1965. As a result, many consider it to be nothing more than quackery.



In short, homeopathy is a form of medicine that uses natural remedies similar to to they symptoms of the patients to treat health problems. Electropathy is a new field of treatment that focuses on using biological electricity and medicines made from herbal extracts to treat disease.



Electro Homeopathic Remedies List

A 1 to A 3, C 1 to C 17, F 1, F 2, L 1, L 2, S 1 to S1 2, Ver 1. Ver 2, V 1 to V 5, Lass, APP, white, blue, red, green and yellow electricity are 38 main electropathy remedies. Now 22 more medicines have been included so total number of electohomeopathic medicines are 60. Here below we have given some details about key electro homeopathic medicines;

1-Lass is a laxative by nature.
2-Synth is general tonic for weak and anemia patients.
3-A1 is the medicine for arterial system.
4-A2 is the remedy for venous system.
5-A3 is best for hematopoietic system.
6-P1 is used for cough and bronchitis related symptoms.
7-P2 is electropathy medicine for cough with catarrh and thick mucus.
8-P3 is given to kids for coughing.
9-P4 is also used for cough in old age and asthma patients.
10-P5 is a electrohomeopathic medicine for treatment of pathological diseases of lungs.
11-P6 is the electro homeopathic remedy chronic catarrh.
12-P7 is prescribed for acute diseases of lungs.
13-P8 is a remedy for chronic lungs diseases.
14-P9, a medicine that is used to treat febrile illness characterized by a wheezing cough.
15-F1 is used in all types of fevers.
16-F2 gives best results in neuralgia, stiffness, constitutional complaints, nerve problems, skin diseases, muscle disorders, nerve pain and muscular weakness.
17-C1 can do wonders in hormonal diseases and abnormal growth of cells. It also reduces the danger of abortion.
18-C2 can dissolve the stones in any part of body like kidney, gladder and pancreas.
19-C3 is given for diarrhea patients and for skin and glands related ailments.
20-C4 can do wonders in the disorders of bones, teeth, nails and hair.
21-C5 is the remedy for liver and skin related diseases. It is also good for ulcers and tumors.
22-C6 is helpful in diseases about kidney and bladder. Its is also used in gout.
23-C7 can cure chronic inflammation and ulcer.
24-C8 is the electropathic remedy for spleen, liver, pancreas gall bladder and chronic constipation.




What is the Treatment Process of Electropathy?

Electrohomeopathy has about 60 medicines including 6 electricity. Herbal extracts based electopathy medicines are used orally in diluted form like homeopathy. It means that in electo-homeopathy medicines are used in potency. While blue electricity, red electricity, white electricity, yellow electricity, green electricity and APP are generally used externally to speed up the healing process.



The process of electro-homeopathic treatment begins with diagnosis and assessment, followed by treatment with remedies and electricity selected specifically for the individual patient’s condition. Treatment typically includes administration of remedies (electrohomeopathic pills or drops), local application of electricity and observation during which time symptoms are monitored and treated if necessary. In short, this plant-orientated system of medicine is based on the principle of using electrical energy to stimulate and strengthen the body’s natural healing process. Electro homeopathy practitioners believe and claim that this form of nontraditional therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, from chronic pain and fatigue to cancer.



How to Use Electropathy in Your Homeopathic Practice?

Electropathy is not a recognized way of treatment in Pakistan. Many colleges are offering diploma programs in electro-homeopathy but these colleges and diplomas are 100% fake. Yes many homeopathic doctors in Pakistan and India are using electrohomeopathic remedies in their clinical practice. Homeopathy is a process of treating illness with inner energy or vital force of the body. The goal of homeopathy is to restore health by using energy to help the body heal and fight off disease. To start an electropathy practice, you must first establish your credentials as a homeopathic doctor. You can do this by getting the DHMS or BHMS degrees. Its too an established fact that by law homeopathic doctors can also not use the electropathic medicines.


What Other Alternatives Are There To Electro Homepathy?

There are many other alternatives to electrohomeopathy, including traditional homeopathy, naturopathy, acupressure, herbal therapy, reiki and acupuncture.



Electrohomeopathy in Pakistan

Electro homeopathy is popular in Pakistan as many homeopaths are practicing its medicines too. Initially electropathy medicines were imported in Pakistan from JSO German company, which is not working now. Then these medicines were imported from India, but now trade between Pakistan and India has closed, so its very hard now in Pakistan to find and buy pure electro homeopathic medicines. Electropathy literature is available in Urdu, courses are also being offered but neither its medicines are available nor its practice is legal in Pakistan, so at present it seems that electro homeopathy has not a bright future in Pakistan.


Future of Electro Homeopathy

The future of electrohomeopathy looks promising due to its popularity among masses. This plant-based system has been used for centuries to treat various ailments. With more research, electro homeopathy may become more widely accepted as a viable medical treatment option.



1-Electrohomeopathy is not backed by scientific evidence and its efficacy has not been proven through modern times scientific research methodology.


2-There are no known side effects from electrohomeopathy. This therapy is gentle & non-invasive and can be used safely by people of all ages.


3-Electro homeopathy is a controversial medical practice due to lack of research by authentic labs & organizations.


4-While its efficacy is hotly debated, some proponents claim that it can be helpful for conditions like chronic pain, cancer, infections, inflammation and fatigue. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims & electro homeopathy is not recognized by mainstream medicine.



5-All the diploma and certificates in electro homeopathy are fake and they have no legal status at all.




Electropathy is a quite good system of medicine but it does not have the same power as Homeopathy. However, Electropathy is a powerful method of treatment in various diseases that can be used in your homeopathic practice to achieve better and quick results. By understanding the difference between Homeopathy and Electropathy, you can make the most effective use of this powerful way of treatment. In short, Electrohomeopathy can help you sleep better, live longer, heal faster, boost your immune system & improve your health in general.


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