Emerging Talent in Software Engineering

Hafiz Idress Butt a software engineer from Lahore has developed first modern sms software of Pakistan. The name of his sms software is sms all. It has all the features of other modern and popular mobile phone applications. Due to these features the clients of this software has increased from one lac to 75 lacs. Political parties of Pakistan also used this software in their election campaign during the general election 2013. Silicon valley has invited Hafiz Idress Butt where he will compete 16 selected software engineers of the world.

It is a matter of pride for Pakistani nation that a Pakistani talent is being recognized on international level. But at the same time we feel sorry that our rulers are not appreciating him. Politicians used his software in their election campaign but after winning the election they forget him. Government should patronize this young software engineer. Why we recognize our heroes after their death like Arfa Karim?  We can also create a silicon valley if we decide to do so.

This is the only field where we can make progress rapidly like China and India due to our better emerging talent in the field of software engineering. Special scholarships and government jobs should be awarded to talented software engineers on merit basis. Government should also provide free laptops to all software engineers and IT students as they can use laptops for better purpose. An annual talent hunt scheme should be launched by organizing annual software competitions. There should be a software board or public software company for patronizing our talent in software engineering field. Software engineering is a field where we have great talent but due to lack of opportunities these talented engineers are leaving the country. There is a need of taking some serious steps for checking this brain drain. You can see the detail news in Urdu too below this post.

emerging talent in software engineering

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