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Environmental Engineering-Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Job Nature & Required Skills

Environmental Engineering-Definition, Introduction, Jobs, Nature of Work, Required Abilities, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad

Due to ozone hole and rapid climate changes during last few decades world has become very conscious about environment. Environmental pollution has become an important issue in the 21st century. All the countries of world including UNO and NGO’s are working to control the damage caused by industrialization and urbanization.

Environmental Engineering-Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Job Nature & Required Skills

Environmental Engineering – Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Job Nature & Required Skills

Environmental Engineering – Definition & Introduction
Environmental Engineers try to preserve the natural environment. They try to provide clean drinking water, healthy air and fertile land to human beings. They also try to provide healthy living condition to other living organisms like plants and animals. Shortly we can describe the environmental engineering as an field of applied science which deals with the problems of environment pollution, energy preservation and human wastes with the help of latest technology.

If we want to make our plant safe for our future generations than we will have to invent new methods and techniques for preservation of energy/natural resources and for the protection of our atmosphere (Land, air and water). Environmental engineering is the only field through which we can achieve this goal. It will be the most important filed of engineering in near future as life on our planet is on stake at present. Ozone hole and global warming can become the causes of end life on our planet. We need to do research and make joint strategy in this field.

Environmental Engineering – Nature of Work
1-Environmental engineers do research in the fields of recycling, water treatment, solid waste management, community health and pollution.
2-They try to find out solutions of different kind of pollution (Air, Water & Land).
3-They use latest techniques to counter the different environmental hazards.
4-They try to develop new, safe and cheap methods for the treatment of water and solid waste.
5-They give training to junior sanitary workers, NGO activists and industry workers.
6-They develop regulations for the containment, disposal, recycling and treatment of waste.

Environmental Engineering – Required Abilities
1-You will have to lead a life of a researcher in this field so you must have interest in research and development.
2-Urge to get master rather than a doctorate level degree in the field of environmental engineering.
3-Love for human beings rather than for all living creatures including plants and animals.
4-Excellent Problem solving, analytical and communication skills.

Environmental Engineering, Jobs, Benefits, Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Environmental Protection Department
NGO’s like Green Peace
Industries of Different Types
Solid Waste Management Department
Research Institutes
Engineering Colleges
Health Department
International Agencies
Water Supply and Treatment Department Like WASA
Testing Laboratories
Air Pollution Management Department/Agency
Research Journals
Irrigation Department
Water & Power Ministry
Survey Conducting Organizations
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Local and International Environmental Protection Agencies

Job Types
Research Engineer
NGO Activist – Remember Green Peace is the most famous and active NGO which is striving to save our planet.
Government Officer
Scientific Writer
Data Collecting Jobs
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