One Essay For A Journey By Bus & A Journey By Train

One English Essay or Paragraph For A Journey By Bus & A Journey By Train 

English Essay on

A Journey By Bus
A Journey By Train

(This Essay is For Students of Class 8th to Graduation)

In my short span of life, I have traveled many times by cars, by bus, by train and by air. However, a journey, which I could never forget was my journey by bus/train from Lahore to Karachi. It was during the summer vacation, when I was in class 9th.I was going to Karachi from Lahore to attend the marriage ceremony of one my cousins.

(Note, here students of higher classes can add the essay of scene at railway station/scene at a bus stop)


One Essay For A Journey By Bus & A Journey By Train

Exact at 7 o’clock the bus/train started. ________ was full of capacity. There was no seat vacant. I had to stand just inside the door. IT was a very pleasant morning and in spite of the fact that the compartment/bus was fully occupied, I did not feel any suffocation. ________ reached Faisalabad in three hours and stayed there for 15 minutes. I bought some biscuits, bananas, chips and cold drinks.

As many passengers left the train/bus at Faisalabad and thus I got a chance to find seating accommodation. I was fortunate to get a seat near the window. During the journey, we passed by the mountains, deserts, forests and green fields. The farmers were ploughing in their fields. Some were cutting fodder. Some were sowing seeds. There were herds of cattle grazing here and there. The children and Women stared at us in wonder. It was a good sight. I enjoyed the green fields and pleasant verdure on either side of the railway line/road.

The train/bus stopped at some important big railway stations/bus stops like Khanaiwal, Multan,Rahim yar khan, Sukkhar, Nawab shah, Mir pur khas, kotri, Rohri and Hydrabad. Passengers getting in and passengers getting out often exchanged hot words. There was a terrible noise made by coolies and vendors. I saw a woman quarreling with a vendor and men trying to pacify her. We passed the Chenab River, Jehlum River and the Indus River.

When it was dark out side, I went to sleep. When I got up the ________ was nearing Karachi. It took us 24 hours to reach Karachi. I got down when the train stopped, and went straight to my cousin’s house. It was a very interesting journey. I really enjoyed this journey.

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