European University of Lefke Cyprus Admission 2023, 50% Scholarships

European University of Lefke EUL North Cyprus Turkey Admission 2023, Fifty Percent Scholarships
This European University of Lefke has recently started their latest admission 2023 process for Pakistani and international students. Giving you little introduction about this university, it is a well known institution and university of higher learning. This university is located in the Northern Cyprus Nicosia district. It was founded in year of 1989. This university was founded by Cyprus Science Foundation. It offers almost 77 undergraduate programs and 38 postgraduate programs and doctoral degree programs.



All of these programs have received their approval from Turkey Council of higher education YOK. If you want to be in their undergraduate degree programmes then you should have completed yours 12 years of secondary education. If you will successfully satisfy their admission criteria satisfied then there will be higher amount of probability to get admission 2023 in this university. If you will completely fulfill their English language requirement then you will get a direct admission 2023 in European University of Lefke. If you have scored minimum 5.5 in your IELTS examination or if you have an equivalent score in any other international English language proficiency exams then you will get an exemption from EUL EPS programme.



Faculties of European University of Lefke (EUL) 
Below are the complete details regarding faculties of this university:



Faculty of Engineering
All of the degree programs which are a part of this faculty of engineering, they are accredited an approved by The Council of Higher Education of Turkey. This faculty promising departments are department of civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, computer engineering, communication engineering, software engineering. It is the aim of this faculty of engineering to keep on making contributing in current one technological advancements. This university raise such kinds of engineers who have a great sense of principles and ethics.



Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
It was in year 1990 that this European University of Lefke (EUL) approved undergraduate degree program of business administration. It in since last two decades that this faculty of economics and administrative sciences have been substantially growing in terms of their degree programs offerings. This faculty has been running programs linked with economics, banking and finance, business administration, public administration and international relations.



Faculty of Arts and Sciences
This faculty was established in year of 1991. This faculty is one of the richest faculties of this university. It has three departments encompassed in it. They are named as department of Turkish Language and Literature, department of History, department of Psychology.




Faculty of Communication Sciences
This faculty highlight the importance and significance of communication. This world is getting increasingly globalized and communication has become need of the hour. This faculty and their degree programs teach us about technological advancements and communication practices.


Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies
Professional agricultural engineers are raised by this university. Professional and sound knowledge about agriculture and horticulture is given through their degree programs. Students are able to master and know fully about the the fundamentals and basics of agriculture. Eastern Mediterranean University North Cyprus has also announced details about admission 2023 and latest scholarships.

European University of Lefke Cyprus Admission 2023, 50% Scholarships


European University of Lefke Admission 2023



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