Everyday Science General Knowledge

General Knowledge About Everyday Science For Preparation of CSS, PCS, PMS, NTS, FPSC, PPSC Exams

Everyday Science questions are asked in all major recruitment tests in Pakistan like CSS, PCS, PMS, NTS, ETEA, FPSC and PPSC. Today we are going to publish some very important general knowledge information about everyday science. These everyday science information will help you a lot in all kinds of above mentioned recruitment tests. Remember that we have already launched an online testing website. Link will be shared soon.

1-Mercury is the closest planet to sun.
2-Mercury,Venus,Earth and Mars are called inner planets.
3-Largest known canyon is on Mars.
4-Uranus,Neptune and Pluto are called outer planets.
5-Mercury and Venus have no moon.
6-Hydrogen is the lightest element on earth.
7-Shrew is the smallest known mammal.
8-Humming bird is the smallest known bird.
9-Elephant is the largest land mammal.
10-Rat is the most successful mammal on the earth.
11-Ostrich is the largest bird.
12-Sparrows are the most common birds.
13-Giant salamander of Japan is the largest type of amphibian.
14-Whale shark is the largest fish.
15-Eel is called electric fish.
16-Sea crocodile is the largest living reptile.(30 Feet)
17-Dolphin is the mot intelligent animal.
18-Femur is the largest bone in human body.
19-Stirrup is the smallest bone in human body.
20-Giant squid is the largest invertebrate on earth.

Everyday Science General Knowledge

Everyday Science General Knowledge

21-Octopus is most intelligent invertebrate.
22-Giant tortoise is most long living reptile.(177 years)
23-Cheetah is the fastest land animal.
24-Giraffe is the tallest animal on earth.
25-Peregrine falcon is the fastest bird.
26-Rafflesias is the biggest flower.
27-Blue whale is the biggest animal.
28-Giant redwoods are the tallest trees on earth.
29-Speed of light is 186000 miles per second.
30-Mars is called the red planet.
31-There are more than 100 joints in a human body.
32-Uranium,Radium and Plutonium are examples of radioactive elements.
33-Liver is the largest gland in human body.
34-Polio is caused by a virus.
35-Bauxite is one of the ore of Aluminium.
36-The main constituent of sui gas is methane.
37-Blue color has shortest wave length.
38-In a normal resting person the rate of heart beat is 72/minute.
39-Darwin presented the evolution theory..
40-Sound is a form of energy.
41-Mitochondria is the power house of the cell.
42-Our galaxy is called milky way.
43-Hydrogen is the lightest element and its atomic number is one.
44-Uranium is the heaviest element and its atomic number is 92.
45-Organic compounds always contain the element carbon.
46-Yuri Gagarin was first man in space.
47-Black hole is an area in space with strong gravity.The gravity of this area is so powerful that even light cannot escape from it.In fact it is a dead star & we cannot see it.
48-The equator is an imaginary line drawn around the outside of the earth.
49-Radioactivity is a kind of energy given off by some heavy elements.
50-The distance travelled by light in one year is called light year(5.87 trillion miles).
51-Tsunami is a huge tidal wave that is caused by some kind of under water volcanic activity.
52-Antimatter is composed of particles with the opposite charge to normal matter.
53-A human cell has 46 chromosomes.
54-Bamboo is a type of grass.
55- Skin is the largest organ in human body.
56-Adults have 206 bones.
57-The energy possessed by a body due to its position is called potential energy.
58-The largest planet of the solar system is Jupiter.
59-The outer most layer of the earth is called crust.
60-Newton is the unit of force.


Its just a beginning as we are soon coming with a new style for aspirants of CSS and PMS. Visit our general knowledge frequently for more posts on everyday science.


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