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Exercise & Bodybuilding Tips in Urdu For Males & Females

Bodybuilding Tips in Urdu For All Age Groups
Regular exercise is the best way to remain fit. It’s an easy method both for male and female students for getting ideal figure. In this article we are going to share best exercise and bodybuilding tips both for men and women. Exercise and bodybuilding tips on this page have been given in Urdu language. Dr Naseer Ahmad has written these bodybuilding tips in Urdu for daily dunya newspaper. We are going to reproduce these bodybuilding and exercise tips on our website with thanks to daily dunya Lahore.

A true Muslim don’t need to take heavy exercise daily, as our prayers of 5 times are enough for burning the extra calories in the body, In spite of this side benefit Muslims never take their prayers as exercise. Our youth has very limited scientific knowledge about exercise and bodybuilding/weight lifting. Many myths are common among the masses about different kinds of exercises and bodybuilding techniques. No body has exact information about the suitable exercises for his/her needs. Even gyms in Pakistan are run by non professional instructors. That’s why we have decided share exercise & bodybuilding tips in Urdu by a qualified doctor. These bodybuilding tips will help you a lot in remaining fit.

If you have got weight and now want to reduce your weight then again you have reached on the right website as we have published many articles on weight loss in Urdu and English languages. We have even not ignored the under weight people, who want to gain weight quickly. In fact in our health category, we try to publish articles on all health-care related problems. We have experienced doctors in our panel, who write and suggest articles for you. You may also get free medical advice from them. Stay in touch with and its facebook page for guidance about different medical issues.

Exercise & Bodybuilding Tips in Urdu For Females & Males

Exercise & Bodybuilding Tips in Urdu For Females & Males