Expected Fall of European Union

Current Affairs-Survival Threats To European Countries
Is European Union going to become the part of history? Many analyst of foreign affairs, current affairs and international politics have this point of view. It will be the great tragedy for Western world after the fall of Roman empire. Today we shall discuss that is its myth or reality and how long developed countries of EU can bear the budget deficit of economically weak countries for the sake of unity. Here are some factors which are affecting the survival of European Union a lot.

1-Rising Russia & China
European Union was made to counter USA but now the world scenario is changing dramatically. World is again becoming . Russia is again becoming super power while China is challenging the whole world including USA. France is taking the place of USA in Middle East. Russia is a biggest hurdle in the expansion of European Union and NATO. Chinese investment in           many EU countries has become the alternative of EU. USA has restricted its military presence in Asia and trying to defeat China on economic front. This factor has also affected the foreign policy of many European countries. They are also trying to concentrate on their internal issues.

2-Over-Sensitivity of UK About its Individual Identity
United Kingdom has always remained oversensitive about its individual identity. Now a days UK is also facing a threat from Canada, Australia and Scotland. UK is more interested in Untied Kingdom rather than on united Europe.

Western nations are developed and have more economical resources while ex Warsaw pact members are economically very weak. Lack of unity factor is affecting EU a lot.

4-Rise of Communist Parties
In many European countries communist parties are rising again. Capitalism which has become the uniting force among European countries is dying in many countries of Europe like Greece and France.

Although almost all EU nations are Christian but their sects differ from each other some are Catholic, some orthodox and some protestant. This factor is also affecting the unity of Europe.

Fall of European Union


Expected   Fall of European Union

6-Interest of Turkey
Even Turkey is now not taking interest in becoming the member of European Union. Turkey is now taking most interest in the politics of Asia and Muslim countries. It seems that Turkey has forecast the future of European Union. Turkey could become an bridge between EU and Islamic world but now this opportunity has been lost by Europe. Its an alarming sign for all nations of Europe.

7-USA Factor
There is a strange hate and love relationship between USA and EU. United States of America was taking the European Union as its rival on international stage. Euro was defeating Dollar in the world markets. USA was not opposing this alliance openly but UK and many other USA ally countries were working for the cause of USA. Now end of European Union is not far at all. You people see in your lives the fall of European Union.

8-Artificial Alliance
European Union was a an artificial alliance. Majority of European people do not believe in religion. Languages of all these nations are also different just like culture. There is not a single binding force except economic interest and economic interest is also changing that why i am sure that fall of European Union is not the matter of decades.

9-Eastern European Countries
Eastern European countries joined this club to get some financial benefits but they are now feeling that still there is hell of difference in the living standard of Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

Developed nations of EU are taking underdeveloped countries as a liability. Economic recession has changed the mindset of general public of developed EU countries. They are unable to understand that why they should feed backward countries of EU.

11-Rise of Nationalism
Nationalism is a only uniting factor in the Western world. Many countries like UK, France, Germany, Spain, Nether-land, Portugal have great history. People of these nations are proud of their nationalism. They are facing many psychological problems in taking them the member of EU.

12-Monopoly of France and Germany
EU countries are not in favor of monopoly of Germany and France over them but these two countries are the super power of EU. Historical differences are rising now against both of them.
In short EU has not a bright future. There is no chance of third world war in Europe . EU has failed to counter USA China and even Russia. Now it has become a artificial alliance which can not remain for a long time. You will see in the first half of 21st century the EU will fall. EU can still save its identity by introducing revolutionary reforms but its very hard that EU will listen any advice from any one. So watch and see what is hidden in the curtains of future. Visit studysolutions.pk and its facebook page daily for reading articles on current affairs.

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