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Facebook Can Take Your Life

Face book can take yor life

Face book can take your life, its not a joke an innocent girls has lost her life due to face book. OK if you don’t believe then read the news paper cutting on this page along with detail in English too According to reports extremists killed a Syrian girl for using face book. It is a shocking news for face book lovers. According to a Syrian news paper extremists killed a twenty year old girl by throwing stones at her. The name of the girl was Fatoom Aljasium who was a teenager and very fond of computer. She used to log in on face book just for chatting with her class mates. But extremists took her to their so called Islamic court which announced death punishment for her due to her unfair use of computer. Court declared that use of face book is like having unfair relations with opposite sex. So the girl deserve to be given the Islamic punishment for illegal relations with opposite sex( bad news for girls).
Remember its not true interpretation of Islam. Islam don’t have any punishment for having virtual relations with same sex. According to news paper this incident happened in last week. Remember that extremist are also against use of science technology. Yesterday about 43 university students were burnt alive in Nigeria. They also dislike girls education. But these people are a small minority and do not represent Islam at all. Islam is a religion of Peace which emphasis on sacristy of every human soul and strictly prohibits to harm any one without any reason.
Islam is also not against science, technology and learning. Extremists are damaging Islam by their brutal acts. We can just pray that Almighty Allah show them the right path. Some people says that these people are agent of enemies of Islam. What is the fact can you tell me.

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