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Fastest Internet Service Provider Company in Pakistan

Which is The Fastest Mobile Phone Internet Service Provider Company in Pakistan? Telenor, Mobilink, Zong, Ufone or Warid
Many mobile phone companies are now providing Internet service in Pakistan like Telenor, Mobilink,Warid, Zong and Ufone. Telenor, Mobilink Jazz and Ufone are offering 3G Internet service in the country, whereas Warid and Zong are providing 4G Internet service in Pakistan. All these companies claim that they are providing fastest Internet service, but now PTA has released its latest quality of service report about the speed and service standard of all Internet service provider mobile phone companies of Pakistan.

Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, Zong, Telenor

Fastest Internet Service Provider Company in Pakistan

As per the survey of PTA some companies are deceiving their customers in the name of fastest Internet service provider company of Pakistan. Zong has been given number one position in this recent survey. Zong has defeated Warid too, which is also offering 4G LTE service in Pakistan. Internet speed of Telenor is decreasing day by day. Speed of Zong’s 3G Internet is 7.71 Mbps. Mobilink is on number two with the average speed of 5.04 Mbps. Average speed of Ufone 3G Internet service is just 1.17 MBps. Telenor is at the bottom of this list with 1.94 MBps speed. In the last survey of PTA the average 3G Internet speed of Telenor was 2.2 Mbps, which has now decreased to 1.94 only. As per this latest survey the ranking of mobile phone Internet service provider companies of Pakistan is as follow as far as power of signals is concerned.

Even in 2G network Zong is at the top position. Warid is at number 2, Telenor is at number 3, Mobilink is at number 4 whereas Ufone is the sitting on the back bench.

As far as quality of voice is concerned, PTA ranking is as follows
3-Moblink & Warid
So it means that Zong has failed in providing the quality voice service.

As far as delivering of SMS is concerned the PTA ranks the Internet service provider mobile companies as follows;
2-Telenor & Ufone

Although it seems that Zong has won this quality testing competition as a whole, but in some fields Zong is not at number 1, so you should decide about your preferred company as per your individual needs. You may follow my formula as i have bought one SIM card of all these companies and use them intelligently. You should also buy one SIM card of each of these companies. You may read the details about fastest Internet service provider company in Pakistan in Urdu language in the newspaper ad cutting given below. You may view the tariff of all mobile phone Internet service provider companies in Pakistan on our website.

Fastest Internet Service Provider Company in Pakistan