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In this article i will share some food for thought with you people. Our new generation has become the victim of grade race. Every student wants to get higher grades in the exams by hook or by crook. This trend has also enveloped the parents and teachers. Teacher just prepare their students for showing good performance in the exams. This grade race has poisoned the whole educational atmosphere around the globe. Education has become an mechanical activity.

Many educational institutes are using unfair means for getting positions in board exams. This trend is promoting corruption in our educational system. Teachers are not focusing on character building. It is hundred percent wrong approach as just good marks are not enough for having a successful life.

Due to this grade race students spend more time on preparation of exams and they could not participate in extra curricular and social activities, which are also very important for personality building. Students don’t find extra time to read general book and they become book worms. It causes many deficiencies in their personality. Their mindset became materialistic and they just opt one mission in life i.e making money. This global trend is destroying the moral and ethical values in the world. This number game has no end. It is mandatory to submit a character certificate at the time of admission in all of our educational institutes but it has become an formality. Every one has been issued a character certificate without following any criteria. Educational institutes should adopt a mechanism for issuing a character certificate. The character building is given least importance in our curriculum and syllabus.

slam also emphasis on the importance of character building and in an Islamic country like Pakistan the main focus of our educational system should be on character building rather than on just getting higher grades/marks in the exams. Our recruitment and admission policies should be revised and certain criteria should be formulated to assess the over all growth of student’s character and abilities. Grades have become status symbol and every one has been indulged in this number race. In practical life rather than toppers those students excel who have balanced personalities.Chief Executive of Cambridge International Examinations has also condemned this grade race.

At least some social work should be made mandatory for students before issuing them degrees. Moral stories should be included in syllabus. Holy Quran should be taught with translation. Social work should also be declared mandatory for competitive exams.Students should be guided that their ultimate goal in life is not getting higher grades or making money. Being human being it is our duty to serve the society. Share with us what is your opinion about this article about food for thought.

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