Free Finger Print & Biometric Verification For Hajj 2022 (Etimad)

Free Finger Print & Biometric Verification Facility in Pakistan For Hajj 2022 By Etimad
To all of the Hajj 2022 applicants, here is an important notification for you. Now you have to pass through this free finger print and biometric verification process. It is notified by the Saudi Arabia government that finger print and biometric verification is must to be done for all applicants who are coming for Hajj this time. The company name is Etimad and they will be completing this scanning and verification procedures, this company is from the side of Saudi Arabia. If you are less than 6 years or if you are more than 80 years then you do not have to clear and pass through with this verification phase. This process is free of cost. It is through SMS that you will be given details and notified that when you have to come for this verification. From the helpline as well as from different Hajj camps, you can receive the information about this verification schedule too.


Important Details on Free Finger Print & Biometric Verification Process for Hajj 2022
You should come on the mentioned time and day so that your biometric verification process and fingerprint scanning process can be done completely.


The details that in which Etimad centre you have to come, this info will be given by a text message. You have to come with the original CNC card of yours, copy of your passport so that without any hurdle, you can pass this clearance stage as well.


It is in the cities of Faisalabad and Islamabad, then in Karachi, Lahore and Sialkot, in the cities like Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Raim Yar Khan and Sukkhur, in all these cities these Etimad centres are put up.


Other Guidelines Laid Down by Etimad for Free Biometric Verification Process
Make sure that if you will miss this verification system and phase then you will not be allowed to go to Hajj 2022. It is must to appear for this biometric verification process. Whatever schedule has been conveyed to you, you have to follow that without giving and showing any delays. The age limits details are defined by Etimad company that those Hajj 2022 applicants who are less than that of 6 years and those applicants who are more than that of 80 years of age, they are exempted from this phase.



This is the helpline number, 042-111-725-425. You can call on this Hajj 2022 helpline number so that you can receive more clear updates about this fingerprint verification procedure.
This is the site,, on this site you can track more details.



This is how this free biometric verification process will go on. This process is started and you can contact your related on Etimad centre. If you still have more questions then ask us and do follow this free fingerprint scanning process completely. As you are going on the extreme religious journey, so make sure that no hurdles should come in this religious expedition of yours. Details have also been given in Urdu on this page.


Free Finger Print & Biometric Verification For Hajj 2022 (Etimad)


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